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Dawna Weiss, PMP, CN

Ever hear the phrase, “If only I knew then, what I know now”?

Imagine going back in time and being aware of the root cause of your future physical, emotional and mental ailments. What difference would this knowledge have made on your life if you pinpointed the cause of forthcoming issues before they took hold?

The possibilities are endless, right?

Even with all you now know, do you still find yourself struggling to solve emotional, mental and physical ailments that leave you in less than an optimal state? Do you experience the same spiritual and financial disappointments year after year?

If you’re like me and my clients, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve desperately wanted to get to the root cause of it all.  If you can relate, you’re not alone.

As elusive as a solution may have been for you, I will share something with you from personal experience. If you’re willing to invest in your health and wellness with a genuine intent to live at your fullest potential, living your life pain-free will be a daily reality. And, it will happen a lot faster than you’ve been led to believe.  



Hi, I’m Dawna Weiss, the founder of Inspired Living, and a Clinical Nutritionist, BodyTalk Practitioner, Whole-Body Healer, Medical Intuitive, Herbalist, and Modern-Day Alchemist.

I help people, like yourself, unlock their highest potential by providing them with a proven, winning formula for reprogramming limiting thoughts that stem from the Viral Voice. First and foremost, my clients achieve this because they genuinely and passionately honor their personal commitment to unlocking their highest potential.

To help them through this delicate process, I use a combination of a scientific, clinical approach to food and herbs while teaching how to understand the brain-gut connection. Anchoring all of this are ancient spiritual practices that I guide my clients through to successfully apply to modern, everyday life.  

Although my clients come from all walks of life and are each facing unique challenges, they all visit my office for the same reason. They are literally sick and tired of getting the runaround with their health and wellness from traditional doctors. And they’re also frustrated with spiritual gurus who promise Heaven on Earth but deliver something far less.

I don’t simply relate to this from the position of a health and wellness practitioner. At one point, I’d been in the same painful position many of my clients are in when they first come to me.

Thankfully, I’m now at a point in my life where my experiences and the knowledge I’ve accumulated has placed me in a position to help others. But first, I had to do for myself what I now guide and counsel my clients to do for themselves.  

While I get into more specifics about my journey in my seminars and workshops, what I want to share with you here isn’t some stale bio with a list of all my credentials. My intent is to let you know you’re not alone because I’ve been down the road you’re on.

It’s taken me several years to feel comfortable talking about my personal struggles in public.  Knowing the path that I took to health and wellness can help even one person realize they’re not alone in their struggles was enough for me to go beyond the work I’ve been doing with my private clients.

Sometimes, the greatest impact we can have on our fellow human beings is sharing our journey. And that’s why I’ve been more vocal about these issues with public workshops, seminars, and a new blog.  



Whether it’s reliance on mainstream medicine, praying and meditating regularly or dabbling in all sorts of diets and exercise regimens, over the years you’ve probably invested a lot in your health and wellness. Despite some of the positive results that come from your efforts you realized there’s something missing.

Do you know what’s missing? 

It’s a misdiagnosis of the actual cause of what’s been ailing you. It’s not your fault. As you likely already know, we live in a world that profits from people’s suffering.

Think about how many industries would go under if people learned how to heal themselves? But also think about how much more abundant and fulfilling your life would be if you knew how to listen to not only the voice of your Higher Self but also listen to your Viral Voice.


Long before I founded Azna Gluten Free Bakery and then Inspired Living, my life had taken a lot of drastic twist and turns. Some of those include five near-death experiences (NDE) not to mention some very troubling health and financial difficulties.

Many years ago, I found out I had systemic candida. Candida is one of the most common and debilitating health challenges women and men face. Not surprisingly, Candida is what most of my clients come to me to help them with.

The title song to the iconic Rolling Stones song, “Gemme Shelter”, aptly summed up this turbulent period in my life. I was seeking shelter from the chaos swirling inside my body and looking for answers anywhere I could.  

I read a library full of self-help, spiritual and health-related books. Like so many people, I tried exercising regularly, and somehow still felt lethargic.

I’d gone militant vegan, stuck in that never-ending detox phase for five years. Saw dozens of doctors, both traditional and alternative, and each one failed me because they were treating me for the symptoms and not the root cause.

The answers to the pain I was experiencing in my body and life, remained elusive. Unable to rid myself of belly fat and fighting erratic mood changes, I was frustrated and feeling totally defeated by circumstances I didn’t fully understand.



Soon, I came to realize what I was up against. I was battling the Viral Voice. What took me eight and a half months to eradicate can be done in 90-days. That’s not because I have discovered some magical, secretive cure-all. 

Unwilling to live a life of ups and downs any longer, I took control of my Viral Voice by understanding the brain-gut connection.  I also started turning my attention to being trained in alternative, eastern medical and spiritual practices. This helped me rediscover the power of my Higher Self.

The Viral Voice reflects the collective low-vibrational energy of fungus, yeast, bacteria, and parasites in your body.

The Viral Voice wants to be fed and it’s not always with the most obvious choices of bad foods or toxic drinks, such as popular energy drinks like Red Bull. If you’re health-minded, you may be inclined to drink orange juice and eat things like bananas. The problem is they contain sugar, which keeps the Viral Voice alive, as I came to discover the hard way.

Even though I was in moderation and eating organic, I was not able to cut out all sugars, as I was still unknowingly feeding my Viral Voice parasite sugar. For example, I’d eat some of my scones and smoothies, which is liquid sugar. Unknown to me, at the time, this would only exacerbate the very thing I was working so hard to eradicate out of my system.

For this very reason, if you have been seeking a more harmonious and stress-free life, look no further than the well-being of your gut.


Today, when it comes to guiding my clients in their journey of eradicating the Viral Voice and being in the driver’s seat of their gut-brain connection, I have access to modern, technological tools, such as the Zyto machine, and I’m a certified partner with Standard Process, to go along with years of nutritional experience. All of this is supported with a deeper inner, spiritual awareness that I didn’t have when I was much younger.

It took me many years and tens of thousands of dollars to uncover the root cause of my emotional and physical pain. It absolutely does not have to take you that much time or money.

When it comes to the work I do with my clients, they know right away we’re going to get to the root cause of what is ailing them. Be it physical, emotional, mental, financial, or spiritually related, I don’t hold back with the raw truth of what is needed to solve their biggest challenges in life.

If you’re suffering one of many symptoms of candida and/or want to strengthen your mental acuity, obtain emotional and physical freedom, and deepen your spiritual awareness, I’d be honored to work with you.

To schedule a session email me or feel free to call or text me at 916-761-8431 between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

As dark and as lonely as the journey to living your highest potential can feel at times, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And you know what? That light is your Higher Self.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, remember to always Live Life Inspired.


"Dawna’s investment in her clients is real, you feel it the first time you meet her!"

“Dawna is phenomenal! She leads with so much love and light and provides such a positive environment for personal growth in every way. I’ve never felt more reassured by a professional who also was able to provide factual information about myself, coupled with solutions and a comprehensive long-term plan. Dawna’s investment in her clients is real, you feel it the first time you meet her! She truly wants to see you improve and is there every step of the way to provide help, resources, accountability, and support.”

~ Allison Fulwiler ~ 

"Dawna actually TEACHES people what they need to know to heal themselves."

“I just started working with Dawna and so much has already shifted positively for me. I was doing so much for my health and still running into issues that were preventing me from fully living and embracing my life. I was addressing my health through a whole foods diet, a supplement protocol and a TON of exploration in different areas of emotional and spiritual growth but was still missing some things.

Dawna has all of the knowledge, intuition and amazing tools and resources to tap into what I need. I know she showed up in my life because she is an integral part of my healing journey. She exudes light, love and healing energy. She is so caring she actually TEACHES people what they need to know to heal themselves. How amazing is that…?

Dawna is also there every step of the way. When you leave your appointment that isn’t it until the next time you see her. She says she’s there for questions and support along the way and she really means it. I can’t say enough good things about Dawna and Inspired Living. I am so grateful that we crossed paths when we did.”

~ Natalie Lyman ~

"Dawna tells it like it is. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed."

“I was referred to Dawna & she is amazing. So glad I made my connection with her!! By nature, I am a huge skeptic, but after only minutes with her, I knew she was the best “witch doctor” (as I lovingly call her) ever. Although I am only a few days into my cleanse, (which by the way is shockingly easy) I feel fantastic. So excited to have her help me on this journey & hopefully more to come!! Best of all, Dawna has a great sense of humor & doesn’t sugarcoat things – she tells it like it is. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.”

~ Jennifer Simmons ~

"Dawna will find out exactly what you need to help bring balance and harmony back into your life."

“Dawna is an exceptional individual. She has dedicated her life to making other people happy & healthy. Dawna is kind, caring, thoughtful and will find out exactly what you need to help bring balance and harmony back into your life. She has touched the lives of many of my friends and associates – and they all say the same thing “Dawna is amazing”. If you want to reinvigorate your life and live truly inspired, you need to see Dawna ASAP!”

~ William Burns ~

Call 916-761-8431 today to schedule a session with
clinical nutritionist, body-talk practitioner, herbalist and founder of Inspired Living:
Dawna Weiss, PMP, CN

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