Success Stories

I was referred to Dawna & she is amazing-so glad I made my connection with her!! By nature, I am a huge skeptic, but after only minutes with her, I knew she was the best “witch doctor” (as I lovingly call her) ever. Although I am only a few days into my cleanse, (which by the way is shockingly easy) I feel fantastic. So excited to have her help me on this journey & hopefully more to come!! Best of all, she has a great sense of humor & doesn’t sugarcoat things-she tells it like it is. I highly recommend her- you will not be disappointed

-Jennifer S.

My first tune up, changed my life! Dawna unveiled fears I had not consciously dealt with.  Pushing through fear to attain our dreams is what we are all after. I LOVE Dawna and have recommended ( maybe even forced) everyone I know to go to see her. Happy to be part of group of like minded people who want to better themselves and the world around us.

-Jessica C.

Dawna is amazing! I’ve always been able to eat what I want and put anything in my body. Well, my stomach decided enough was enough. I came to Dawna with horrible stomach burning and acid reflux. I went to see Dawna and she was nothing but love! She has helped me start healing. She has gone above and beyond. I am very limited in what I can eat right now. I am on vacation right now in Monterey and have been texting Dawna whenever I am trying to figure out what to eat. And she is always available. I can’t stress how grateful I am and how awesome she is. I would lose my mind going through this without her. Thank you so much Dawna!

-Doug S.