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Life as you know it isn’t over, it’s just changing – for the better! Here are my tips for staying in your lane while being social, especially during football season.

Super Bowl Sunday Swaps

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This lovely recipe was found by my dear friend and ex sous chef from my days at Azna Gluten Free! He was a cranky man, hated that I made him do gluten-free and vegan food and baked goods all day every day.  But he loved me and gracefully accepted the challenge. Fast forward 13 years […]

Savory Quinoa Muffins

Savory Quinoa Muffins


It’s that time of year again! This holiday season is full of all kinds of pitfalls and challenges, let’s not make it more complicated by trying to stay on track with your food choices. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to help guide you into a successful and healthy holiday meal. Turkey 🦃 […]

How to Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving


The holiday season is here! How many of us are actually dreading the whole idea of having a social gathering? Going to one or hosting one, the stress is all the same with the current pandemic guidelines that are in effect. It sounds so crazy to have to limit contact with your extended family in […]

Handling Social Gatherings and the Holidays

family doing a thanksgiving toasts


Grains and Flours – What and how much to use? STRATEGIC LAYERING? Gluten-Free cinnamon rolls do not need to be complicated.  Just make sure you have a balance of protein, fat, and fiber to keep it all together.  Your base flour can be one or all of the following: STRATEGIC STARCH BLEND 25%Tapioca Starch           Corn […]

Azna Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls

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