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Wisdom comes with experience, and I have shared my wisdom on this topic on today’s blog.

Understanding the Rules of Your Life Path

The Viral Voice

The Viral Voice is a master manipulator and adept at creating illusions, not the least of which is making you believe it is operating on your behalf. This is where you’re prompted to turn to toxic foods, drinks or people in times of stress and or physical discomfort. The Viral Voice reflects the collective low-vibrational […]

Eliminating Toxins From Your Diet

The Viral Voice

If your gut is contaminated so too is your mind. In other words, when you’re not digesting the positive attributes of life, you’re disrupting the gut-brain connection with toxic energy. With a foggy mind and an achy body, it is very easy to fall into a slippery slope of self-sabotage, destroying what matters most to […]

The Viral Voice & Your Healthy Gut

The Viral Voice

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