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When I was introduced to Food Grade Biologics (FGB) products, I had no idea how my life would change! I was in the hospital with a deadly case of COVID, and a friend knew FGB would be the solution. I turned out to be a great case study for FGB. Little did I know I had underlying conditions, but THEY knew! I was guided to get proper testing and was finally diagnosed with superbugs and mycotoxins. Knowing what’s going on in my body and how to deal with it naturally is so empowering!

Now, I’m one of the few practitioners that has been selectively given access to this product line. This means YOU have access to this technology as well! Welcome to the next level!

Inspired Living + Food Grade Biologics

Read My Covid Journey

Up until my bout with COVID I had no solutions to what was really ailing me. I found lifestyle, diet, herbs, and supplements that helped me to be better than I was the day before, but I never really healed. 

It wasn’t until my 6th near-death experience contracting COVID that it acted as the can opener to the can of whoop-ass in my body. I had antibiotic resistance leaving me with superbugs like Escherichia coli, Ureaplasma, urealyticum, and Viridians Group Strep. Not to mention the mold and fungus as the bonus on top of Celiac Disease. Cytokine storm was inevitable. 

FGB found me to be the ideal ‘Case Study’ client. After they got me out of the hospital on the road to recovery with only three doses of their GAVAM product, they had my attention. Of course, they suspected I had ‘underlying’ conditions the whole time. They said, “Let’s just get you feeling better first”, and that they did! I’ve never had an accurate diagnosis path to follow EVER! They gave me hope, backed by results. 

I've been on this healing journey for the past 30 years!

My Healing Journey

They had me at feeling better. They gave me hope, backed by results.


Safe, quality, plant-based medicine paired with cutting-edge technology.


Smaller more powerful treatments with less complications in overall protocol. 


Noticeable results, some faster than others but definitely NOTICEABLE!


FGB Has My Stamp of Approval

Here's Why

Get that mojo back boys!

1001 Nights

Boys have issues too you know! Get your man back in the saddle!

Men's Balance

Balances out PMS, menopausal, and all things hormonal plus more.

Women's Balance

Unicorn product, successfully used for covid, weight loss & extreme inflammation!


Heart health and cleansing of the large arteries and small capillaries.

My Heart

Recommended for high performance Cardiovascular assistance, activates stem cells. 


Begin your weight loss journey by getting your leaky gut under control.

Gut Absorption

A thermogenic blend specifically to aid in accelerated fat burning.


A Few of My Favorite Products

– Savannah

I feel my whole world has been switched into high definition. It was a gentle shift too, it was a very natural feeling, and just a true attunement to my natural way of being. So grateful to have been able to use the products! 

"The TSA products are revolutionary in up-leveling your body's ability to function at its highest potential."

– Angie

TSA is easy to take and being a one time or two time prescription is wonderful. I took GAVAM and felt amazing. It had a lavender smell and taste. I’ve not had a sniffle since taking it.

"I’d recommend Dawna’s knowledge and TSA to anyone interested in improving their health naturally."

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PS – Don’t see your question here? Please feel free to contact me.

FGB products are meant to be stocked in a pharmacy, not for retail sale. I could private label the line to make it pretty, but then the cost would REALLY be out of reach.

What's with the packaging?

FGB products are next-level advanced technology (HEMIOXX) and are not usually presented for individual sale. Access at this level is a privilege, and if you want to order 100,000 bottles a week, we can get a price break. They set the prices; I don’t have any control over that. Sorry!

Why is it so expensive?

Yes, all FGB products are safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are these products safe for pregnancy/nursing?

If you’re currently on multiple medications or synthetic vitamins, FGB might not be a good fit. I would work with you first to assess your current protocol before beginning a TSA treament.

Are FGB products right for me?

These products are available for sale through Inspired Living directly only. Please contact me at 916-761-8431 or click here to request more information.

How do I purchase these products?

All FGB products have the same basic botanic ingredients. There are different amounts depending upon the product. You can find more information in the FGB Ingredient Guide.

What are the ingredients?


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If you feel hopeless or have been given a diagnosis that just doesn’t sit well with you, and you want a different approach, let's see if FGB could be a good fit.

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