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Announcing True Science Alliance (TSA) at Inspired Living

Bringing homeopathy and herbalism together to heal some ugly stuff naturally!

I’m all about plant-based medicine and food. This is why I have aligned myself with Standard Process and now True Science Alliance (TSA). It’s time to go back to the plants and engineer something smarter and safer than the current options. TSA has done just that!

When I had my nasty case of COVID, I became a clinical test subject for TSA. A very divinely guided referral through my dear friend Jane, owner of Natura Health Wellness Center in Kensington is how this all began! When I got sick, she knew exactly what I needed: TSA!

I’ve since traveled to Austin to meet and research them and vet their products. After meeting them and experiencing the products myself, I brought in TSA inventory to my office. I really had a feeling about this stuff, and I am now one of the few practitioners who have access to this technology. Finding a stellar botanical product line to compliment what I do with Standard Process is a BIG deal!

TSA is a results-oriented company that isn’t too concerned about the product label and fancy brochures. They don’t drop ship to clients; in fact, it takes me 7-14 days to get my orders from them. They serve Government and Countries and are doing the footwork to collect the data needed for global change. That’s badass!

TSA doesn’t really sell its products for the masses at the practitioner level. They have a handful of trusted practitioners that are on the front lines who can help them with clinical trials and cases. I get to be one of them! I also now have access to some of the most brilliant scientific minds and cutting-edge tech on the planet.

Stellar Results for Stubborn Cases

TSA is very new, and I’m just now getting some cases to come back to me solved. So far, I’ve seen some amazing results working with people on their viral issues, including COVID, herpes, and HPV. Blood labs are confirming that the virus is undetectable in the body.

I’ve had high cholesterol cases that points have been dropped despite all other efforts (with no statins). High blood pressure regulating, depression turning to bliss, asthma being replaced by smooth breathing and better oxygenation. Eyes de-puffed, mojo returned, sex lives restored, guts sealed up and allergies resolved.

Some of My Favorite TSA Products

I have about 50 products here in my office from TSA, and so far, I’m loving the following:

Gut Absorb: Heals leaky gut FAST! Apparently, when paired with GAV/AM any nasty virus hidden in the gut gets GOT! I also added Viranon and St. John’s Wort to eliminate herpes? That’s what my client said, waiting on blood labs to confirm but WOW!

Shape: A thermogenic fat burner (of course I’m on this one) More energy, less appetite, and noticeable weight and inches have been lost.

Hair & Nails: Since COVID made all of my hair fall out, I’m on this one for the long term until my hair grows back. My hair stopped falling out, and it’s growing back! Everywhere. Um… 👀

Eye Cream: No more dark circles or fine lines and wrinkles. For glaucoma and eye disorders, I just like how it feels and they had me at no more dark circles! Bonus, my eyelashes grew like CRAZY! No more lash serums for me!

Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Again, they had me at anti-aging, anti-wrinkle. I’ve paired this with Jane’s Facial Rejuvenation and people notice a HUGE difference!

Relief: Histamines, allergies this product is the go-to! I’ve seen it remove the inflammation with the allergen to a stubborn case in particular. A whey protein/dairy intolerance kept my client from losing weight despite her efforts. She dropped 20lbs. Mind blown… AND she stopped craving the whey protein that was keeping her ill. Crazy.

These are just a few of my new favorites, I’m learning about all of the products and will keep you all posted as I discover new and amazing things and results!

If you feel hopeless or have been given a diagnosis that just doesn’t sit well with you, and you want a different approach, reach out to me! Make your appointment today to see how I can help!

Medical Disclaimer: What I’ve shared with you here is not intended to be a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding your own medical conditions.

Dawna Weiss, PMP, CN

Founded by clinical nutritionist, body-talk practitioner, and herbalist, Dawna Rider-Weiss, Inspired Living aligns your mind, body, and soul by delivering a scientific, clinical approach to food and herbs with an ancient but modern process for applying spiritual practices in everyday life. Schedule a session with Dawna by texting (916) 761-8431.

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