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Anti-Aging: My Power Products

Virus, Inflammation (inflam-aging), mycotoxins, superbugs, and celiac disease are all very real. Very present in my life, causing such an imbalance and making everything a struggle. Doing all the things to gain relief and get my life on track has been my day-to-day always but especially ever since I had COVID – it took me OUT. I haven’t ever been afraid of doing the hard work on all my components, and I’m here to share with you today the power products that I’ve used along the way.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to not mention that there was a whole lot more to this than just taking some products. I have incorporated a diet, lifestyle, and maintenance plan that I will talk about in my next and final blog on this Anti-Aging series that covers all the components. Diet, lifestyle, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, energetic, and psychic bodies. But as promised, here is the alchemical recipe of products that I used (and a brief description of what I used them for) for my own self-healing over this past year:

Is it A LOT? Not really If you consider that this was over the last year, and most of TSA bottles only run for 10-to-30-day treatment timelines. And, yeah… I was circling the drain near death.

After taking the GAVAM and it saving my life I was absolutely intrigued! They had my full attention! So, I have successfully dug in and felt the energy of each one of these products I’ve listed here working in my body. I still have the rest of the product line to eat my way through, but it’s difficult as I just don’t need anything anymore! Problems have been solved! Real progress has been made finally!

Keeping in mind, for most, the TSA products are pretty much a one and done. Sometimes it can take up to 3 treatments of these products that target a specific part of the immune system or body. And I always support the gut and the brain while on TSA products. My favorite go-to here is always Zypan and Cod Liver Oil.

Now, I found TSA items that I love so much, and I single dose daily for maintenance. I’m on a steady diet of Women’s Balance and Shape. (I LOVE this combo!) I also use the eye & night cream on a daily basis too. One capsule of the Hair, Skin & Nails for the last year has given me so much new healthy hair! For me, this was a yearlong custom approach to some serious issues; you may not need but maybe one or two of these treatments.

Curious about what your healing journey might look like? Let’s book your appointment today and find out. See an old friend or a new product on the list that interests you? Contact me – I’m happy to get it to you quickly!

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Medical Disclaimer: What I’ve shared with you here is not intended to be a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding your own medical conditions.

Dawna Weiss, PMP, CN

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