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An advanced muscle testing workshop with a side of ghostbusting.

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What if you learned how to heal yourself by something as simple as a “tap, clear and spritz”?

This was the question I posed to attendees at my first workshop series.

With my private practice, my clients know we’re going to get to the root cause of what is ailing them. Be it physical, emotional, mental, financial, or spiritually related we work together not only to uncover where their suffering is originating from, but we then execute a proven, winning formula for unlocking their highest potential. And that’s exactly what my “Heal Thyself: A Seminar Series for Inspired Living” will do for you.

It combines a scientific, clinical approach to food and herbs with an ancient but modern process for applying spiritual practices in everyday life.

Inspired Living’s “Heal Thyself Seminar Series” will open the window to your soul, ushering in a breath of fresh air in your life, and prepare your mind, body, and soul for new beginnings.

In this four-hour workshop you’ll be introduced to a proven, winning formula for reprogramming limiting thoughts.

We’ll cover:

Insights Into the Gut-Brain Connection
Inspired Living Spritz Recipe
Mini-Assessment & Muscle Testing
Entity Clearing
Guided Meditation
… And much more!

What will it cost me?

If you’re tired of being tired and are fully committed to beating brain fog, getting rid of uncomfortable gut issues, and undoing the debilitating effects of self-sabotage, I look forward to seeing you at the next “Heal Thyself: A Seminar Series for Inspired Living” program.

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“Investing in your mind, body, & soul has never been easier or more affordable.”

After much urging from clients, family, and friends, in the spring of 2018, I launched my first public seminar series called, “Heal Thyself: A Seminar Series for Inspired Living”. The intent was to reveal the winning formula I use with my clients every day. While I literally had no idea what to expect with the feedback on the new seminars, I intuitively knew it was time to bring to the public what so many of my clients had been experiencing.

The positive feedback I received with the first set of “Tap, Clear & Spritz” workshops, and results attendees were getting, was just as astounding as what I have witnessed with private clients. With each new workshop, attendees were requesting more advanced classes on topics that ranged from “Entity Clearing”, “Muscle Testing, and “Gut, Brain & Adrenal”.

Now I host new, updated four-hour seminars each month at the Inspired Living facility in Old Town Folsom, California as well as joint programs with other health, wellness, and spiritual practitioners. Stay tuned for updates on new workshops, seminars and special events from Inspired Living. In the meantime, remember to Live Life Inspired!

Take It From Me…

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– KAY M.

“Dawna’s workshop Tap, Clear & Spritz is a critical step in learning how we can heal ourselves and learn to heal others.”

She teaches this in a way that is easy to understand and apply. For example, tapping into mental acuity with the gut-brain connection and recognizing which foods and supplements are needed was very helpful for me. Emotional freedom to realize the mind is everything in clearing the mind and body is another important takeaway.

Dawna also did a fantastic job of explaining how to attain physical vitality through muscle testing and cleansing. And then there’s the Spiritual Awareness portion of the workshop that was really fascinating. I learned how to clear all physical and mental obstacles through entity clearing. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be healthy, both mentally and physically. The power to heal is in all of us.


“Dawna did a great job of engaging everyone at the Tap, Clear and Spritz workshop.”

She provided space for us to ask questions throughout and delivered answers that went above and beyond what I expected. I really enjoyed this workshop and very excited to put to use in my life what I learned, especially the muscle testing.

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