Helping you to unlock and unblock your Highest Potentiality in your life by offering practical experience, clinical nutritional application, and coaching.


Welcome to Inspired Living!

Imagine living your highest potential because you’ve beaten brain fog, overcome sluggish days, done away with uncomfortable gut issues, and no longer suffer the debilitating effects of self-sabotage.

Sounds way too good to be true, right? It isn’t. In fact, it’s a daily reality for clients of Inspired Living.

Founded by clinical nutritionist, body-talk practitioner, and herbalist, Dawna Rider-Weiss, Inspired Living aligns your mind, body, and soul by delivering a scientific, clinical approach to food and herbs with an ancient but modern process for applying spiritual practices in everyday life.

Clients come to Inspired Living for many reasons, two of the most common being that they are literally “sick and tired” of getting the runaround with the high-cost of mainstream health treatments and the inconsistent and emotionally disappointing returns on spiritual quests.

Now is the time to start trusting your gut. After all, it’s your intuition that guided you to Inspired Living. And you’re not here by accident.

If you can relate to our client’s challenges, while desiring the results they’ve achieved, and are prepared to invest in the quality of your health and well-being, you’re in the right place.

You're not here by accident


What if you could tap into the source of your emotional and physical discomfort and finally free yourself from recent or even life-long ailments?


“Since working with Dawna to clean up my diet I haven’t had migraines since July 2017!”

I’d suffered from migraines for the last 21 years. Doctors prescribed me all sorts of medications. In my first session with Dawna, she discovered I had a gluten allergy. As long as I stay away from gluten and I’m careful reading my labels I’m fine. Dawna’s encouragement, help, and knowledge have been a lifesaver. I totally love her!!!


“Dawna’s investment in her clients is real, you feel it the first time you meet her!”

Dawna is phenomenal! She leads with so much love and light and provides such a positive environment for personal growth in every way. I’ve never felt more reassured by a professional who also was able to provide factual information about myself, coupled with solutions and a comprehensive long-term plan. She truly wants to see you improve and is there every step of the way to provide help, resources, accountability, and support.


“Dawna is the most loving, understanding, and compassionate health professional.”

I had recently graduated from college when I first saw Dawna and quickly she helped me break free from years of high stress and late nights. I feel more energetic and healthier than ever. She helped me clear chronic acne, reverse stress-related health issues, and just feel awesome overall!

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Client sessions with clinical nutritionist, body-talk practitioner, herbalist and founder of Inspired Living: Dawna Weiss, PMP, CN will get to the ROOT CAUSE of what is ailing you. Now is the time for you to live your HIGHEST POTENTIAL without limitations!

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