I Have Cracked the Code

Apr 24, 2023

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As I write this, I realize that there has really been a lot of work that has been put into my evolutionary progress. This healing transformation work and self-care have left me feeling better, looking younger, and 35 lbs lighter (and still counting). I have tackled trauma and disease at all levels. Balancing and managing all layers of myself while taking care of a family and being self-employed is hard work! Yet I managed to find my way past the defeat, stress, auto-immune disease, odds, and horrible hereditary markers dooming me to live out my life in lack of real love and prosperity. I said hell no to my DNA markers to express obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hoarding, gambling, drug addiction, abuse, and poverty consciousness. I have to say, I wasn’t excited about any of these hardwired life options… So, I had to suck it up and do some work…

But what did I need to do?! It took me 55 years, but I figured it out, I have cracked the code and I am happy to share my formula with you.

Having worked through all of the things to get to this point, I realize that I am, and will always be a constant work in progress. Follow me on this series as I break it down into small bites and share each of the components and the work that has been done to date.

I have 100% re-invented myself. As I have worked through, re-programmed, transmuted in my DNA, found my lane with my bio-individuality, and Transmuted with Divine Grace all that no longer serves me, I am finally living with intention, purpose, happiness, joy, bliss, beauty, Grace, love, and GOOD HEALTH. I have dropped 35 lbs, and I have learned to manage all stress, even ‘good stress’. (Not all stress is bad you know, and frankly, your body doesn’t know the difference. Shocker!)

No matter the past or future dealings, finding my true path was always Divinely guided. Surrendering and staying in the present moment is the first step. Realizing I am not the one in control was huge. I had to lose the ego. For real, the lessons will beat you into submission until you ‘get it’. The false self (ego) will not serve you, only keep you in a state of ‘non-evolution’.

All of the following bodies are coded by cellular structure and have a vibration… DNA coding and vibrational frequencies. I guess the first part of cracking the code is actually realizing you have all of these components of you that need attention! Maybe you experience a few of these symptoms?

Mental – Disease and disorders, inability to concentrate and focus, anxiety, negative self-talk, ego, ideals, beliefs, programming, and belief systems.

Emotional – Availability issues, co-dependency, avoidance, withdrawal, hostages, longing for love, intimacy, empathy, caring, connection to others, animals, nature

Physical – Disease, discomfort, pain, obesity, diabetes, long COVID, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fertility issues, hormonal issues, gut problems, bad skin, hair, teeth, arthritis, etc.… Poor diet.

Spiritual – What is your Spiritual practice? Not your religious belief or upbringing, programming or disillusionment, but your daily practice?

Financial – Can’t get ahead, can’t save, spending too much, saving too much, ego, career blockages, debt, poverty consciousness, hoarding?

Energetic – Who is robbing you of your energy and siphoning your goodness to feed themselves? Perhaps you are under energetic attack?

Psychic – Are you listening to your ‘gifts’? Are your God-given gifts trying to blossom, but you feel blocked and unsure? Perhaps you are under psychic attack and feel like crap all the time?

These are all things that I will work with you on, and THEN SOME. Everyone comes to me with their own set of things that need to be addressed and worked on. I individualize a program for each and every person based on what they need to reach their Highest Potentiality and achieve their goals. Most importantly, I am here to help and am accessible and supportive during your transformation. ☺

If you think you get to level up in life, and not actually do the work that’s just a form of settling. You can do better, be better. And if you think you’ll get there while still eating crap, think again.

This is the start of my series, Cracking the Code, on learning more about how to manage this crazy skin sack called the human body, and apply it to your life!

Ready to level up and drop the weight, manage the stress, and fulfill your blueprint? Get on my schedule today!

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