Contemporary Shaman, High Priestess, and Chieftain

Nov 14, 2022

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I had a client come to me looking for a referral to a Shaman. When she asked me this and explained what she needed, I realized that I am who she was looking for. I am indeed a Shaman and even a High Priestess if you had to put a ‘title’ on it. Does this mean I get extra letters behind my name? That’s funny, but nope.

And I want to just say it out loud here, this isn’t some cult or religious BS, or anything AT ALL involving the dark arts. On the contrary, I walk in God’s light as a spark of the Divine, and I am your representative of The Divine Feminine aspect here to assist you with taking the right action!

Modern-Day Healer

To identify with and embrace my broken cultural roots and multiple lifetimes as a healer has been a fantastic journey! I now bridge the gap between many healing modalities, cultures, tools, and the modern world. I have created my own process using and calling in all the ancient shamanic traditions and making myself my own brand of modern-day ‘healer’.

I did not do this on purpose, I listened to Spirit and followed the path to exactly where I am right now. I had no idea I was doing high-level Shamanic healing until I was asked for a referral to a Shaman! I researched it, in my humility to see if I was even qualified to carry out her healing request of deep Soul retrieval. Then, of course, I found this great article that was speaking to me (often as things do), and I was guided to write this blog and ‘come out’ and own what it is I really do!

My Gifts

I don’t always speak about all of my gifts. I don’t ‘market’ myself as a psychic and a medium. I don’t advertise that I have healing hands from Jesus and people will hobble into my office and skip out pain-free. Or that I can remotely view and heal people globally. I will use my gift of astral projection to go get higher answers from other realms to assist here as needed. I have even been given visions in the dream world an exact mapping and unmistakable imagery of what needs to be cleared right before the work is to be executed.

But wait! There’s more! How about that clairalience & clairgustance (psychic smelling & tasting ability)? Yes! I can smell dead people! Ok, I don’t taste them thank goodness! It’s all just a heightened case of all the senses and abilities that I was born with. These skills served me well as a chef and baker when I created my recipes for Azna Gluten Free.

I am also an educator. I train my clients who have all the gifts to go on and learn how to use them, and of course how to clear and protect themselves! But I heard that I should maybe mention a bit more about this part of the work that I do. So, yeah… I clear energies, remove dark attachments, clear homes, and properties, cut cord attachments, and even do demon removal! There has been a lot of that going on since COVID!

As a medical intuitive I will find things in and on people before they manifest into illness. A good friend of mine said, what good is it for you to be a medical intuitive if you can’t do anything about it? He was right! So, I became a medical herbalist and clinical nutritionist I have access to thousands of formulations, herbs, supplements, and now my own proprietary treatments for your clinical solutions.

Your Whole-Body Healer

No matter what part or combination of parts of you need healing, be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, energetic, psychic, and so forth. I can move in and out of altered states of consciousness mediating your needs from both physical and spiritual worlds. I can see the unseen and directly apply my healing gifts from a higher ancestral connection to healing the core issue of what ails you. I see, hear, smell, and know illnesses differently and will address all the layers.

There are seen and unseen forces that will determine the course of our energetic work together. I will support not only the healing but the integration process and the diet and lifestyle changes you need to stay clear and healthy. Imagine being placed on the right trajectory for your life by helping you identify when and where you became afflicted. I move and direct energy to bring your harmony back. Interested in a session? Let’s get started!

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Dawna Weiss, CN, PMP

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