Did You Know I Work with Children and Teens?

Nov 7, 2022

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October 3rd was National Child Health Day, and it got me thinking that I really do some deep dives and have a huge impact on the children that I’ve been blessed to work with and assist in their arrival here.

I work with special needs children, gifted children, angry traumatized children, teenagers, and even children who haven’t arrived yet. Here are a few of my success stories.

Case #1: Special Needs

The first clip is a starting point for one of my star pupils. TW: It may be disturbing, so if you do not want to open it, I understand. The other two clips after will speak for themselves.

Her progress has been epic! This sweet girl is a remarkable Soul who has Autism spectrum disorder, Sensory Disorder, and vaccine injury on top of it all. She is a twin and even though it appears her sister does not have any of the disorder(s) full-blown symptoms, she too has some silent internal physical and emotional triggers.

I have to say that I have not ever witnessed such pure love, care, and fight as this mom has for her babies. She takes great care of herself as well as her children, and every day is full of new adventures and sometimes struggles. But always a gift as she walks in absolute gratitude and Grace on this journey. We have been diligently working on her brain inflammation, and the treatments have worked great!

Feel free to contact me directly for more information on the products we have been using to help the girl’s journey of recovery and healing.

Case #2: Teen Anxiety

I have several cases of severe teen anxiety that are a constant work in progress. It tends to always start Spiritual in nature but will manifest itself into the physical in the form of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. Most experience entitlement behavior, gaslighting, poor grades, drug use, withdrawal from life, violent outbursts, frustration, anger, and negative emotional behaviors. There are so many contributors to one, or all these teenage symptoms of dysfunction. Diet, covid, vaccinations, hormones, family dynamics, and the list continues. One thing that helps repair the damage is good communication. I highly recommend Gina Nelson’s workbook on Combating Teen Anxiety as an added tool to help you and your teen.

Most of my teens have horrible diets, and once they get this under control, they start to do fantastic! They struggle with society pushing soda and junk food at them at every turn. But working with them to help them establish their own power around what goes into their bodies has been so successful. I offer them education about food and how it affects them, the energy around what they do on, and around the computer, sleep cycles, hormones, and of course emotional food triggers. There are so many more things with the teens, but I think you get the gist.

Case #3: Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

There are so many cases! I have several remarkable cases where the parents were not able to conceive. There was one case where I could see a little girl hovering over her soon-to-be mom. She was ready to drop on in, but momma’s body needed some major healing before this sweet Soul could join her mom’s physical body. We did the work around diet, nutrition, and Spiritual matters. I told her she would be pregnant within 3 months, and she came back 2 months later a little angry with me. I asked her why are you so upset!? She responded, “I didn’t believe you!” Now I’m pregnant! This little girl is 5 now, and her mom has gone on to have several more children.

Another remarkable story comes from a very dear friend who had to endure the loss of a few pregnancies before we began our work together. She also has an amazing story and outcome, which you can read over on her blog.

These children are growing up and are so smart and amazing! It’s cool when the moms drop in with them, or I see them out and about, and the kids remember me! They come right up to me and give hugs and will chit-chat with me about all the things. BEST GIFT EVER!

Activism in Anti-Trafficking Efforts

I have been working diligently since 2019 to do my part to help end child trafficking and sex crimes. I have been working directly with author Angie Vancise and completing this book, “Hidden in The Shadows”. It will be ready for pre-order in the next few weeks.

As a psychic and channeler, it has been new and interesting work for sure! Who says you can’t use your superpowers for good?

Parents, it always starts with taking care of yourself first, so you can have the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual horsepower to deal with the needs of caring for and raising your tiny people. Or perhaps you’re in need of getting yourself together so you can get your little person here? I’m here to help either way! Parents and kids alike both need guidance and tune-ups. Get yourself and/or your kiddo on my schedule for a session and let the healing begin.

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