Superbugs & Mycotoxins

Jan 25, 2022

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The journey from my first meeting with Jane Gajano-Blythe of Natura Health & Wellness back in 2019 still blows my mind. During my assessment, she told me I had underlying conditions: superbugs and mycotoxins. What does that even mean!? I was taken aback like I was slapped in the face! After all, I’m healthy, I eat clean, I take my supplements, I exercise regularly… What do you mean I have ‘underlying conditions?!’

I was engaged in a conversation with her regarding all the antibiotics given to me as a child, the food sensitivities I have (celiac disease), and the dermatitis herpetiformis, the fancy name for the moist rash with pustules that I get when dairy or gluten are introduced to my system. She says you have mold (mycotoxins) and you have superbugs (antibiotic resistance). Huh. Okaaaay… What do I do with THAT?!

I heard her, but I wasn’t ready to come out of pocket for these expensive tests that I wasn’t convinced I needed.

COVID and Underlying Conditions

Fast forward to December 2020, and now I had COVID. I’m UGLY sick! She tells me it’s because I have underlying conditions. AGAIN. OK, fine! I have underlying conditions! She said let’s get you better first then we can deal with the underlying conditions.

Little did I know the superbugs I had in my body (Escherichia coli, Ureaplasma urealyticum, and Viridians Group Strep) mean I am antibiotic-resistant. So here I am in the hospital and getting IV antibiotics for COVID pneumonia that are doing nothing for me! That was exactly what was happening.

Recovery from COVID

Jump to my recovery, and now I have long-haul symptoms. COVID ate every muscle in my body; turns out it’s on my lab report that a T2 Toxin in my blood (the only man-made toxin used in biowarfare) robs the body of testosterone. It also causes gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting, and diarrhea. The blood draw was done 1 year after I had COVID. Crazy!

Now what’s even crazier, the mycotoxins (molds) I was exposed to (also on my serum lab results) show every single symptom I’ve had for years! Induces apoptosis (death) of the olfactory sensory neurons (taste & smell), which I still haven’t quite gotten all the way back yet. It eats away at the mucosal lining of the gut creating celiac disease, leaky gut, cell toxicity, moist dermatitis, fever protein synthesis inhibition, (blood labs confirm low proteins) kidney issues, liver issues, and the list goes on and on. It also messes with estrogen levels. So, my menopause was an extra ugly hot flashy sweaty mess! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

I have been on a mission to figure this out, and I feel that I have satisfied my quest. I’ve been holding myself together for years with Standard Process and MediHerb products, and now I have completed my Food Grade Biologics custom treatment and regained my life. I have a map of the solution now.

If you feel like you are a no-hope case, or that your health is just a big puzzle with mismatched pieces, contact me! Let’s get you in for an assessment and get your journey to regain your best health started!

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