Self-Care & Nurturing Relationships With a Cleanse

Jan 18, 2022

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I have a LOT of clients (and myself) who have done the 21 Day Purification cleanse with the intention of losing weight, feeling better, getting better habits formed around food, flushing the liver of toxins and hormones, and balancing every organ in the body. But low and behold, after doing the cleanse some neat stuff started to happen collectively with myself and my clients!

Out with the Old

I see it every year over and over again things like; the douche bag boyfriend reveals himself and he is cut away from siphoning energy anymore; the negative nelly her way or the highway in the family drops out of the scene and no more family drama; the co-worker from hell that you want to cut with a razor 15 times a day magically gets moved to another department, or you get that raise and move away from the chaos (both have happened to separate clients); the narcissistic-gaslighting-self-centered-always-asking-for-something-person gets the message (or you get the clue) when you have true clarity around the behavior and stop participating in it.

Either way, you stop participating in relationships that do not bring you joy and balance.


In with the New

Now that you have made room for relationships that can fulfill and nurture your Soul, they will drop in! Don’t block them, dismiss them or be afraid of them! You have worked hard to get here, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and embrace your true love, your deep connected friendship and camaraderie, and family members that love and respect you. They will arrive in a beautifully subtle manner, give Grace to yourself and nurture yourself and your heart.

If you see red flags, chances are they are red flags. Don’t go back in! Be strong and move forward and upward! Try not to force anything, remember Ease, Grace, and Synchronicity in all things. Happy Cleansing!

It doesn’t matter what it is you are trying to cleanse… your body, your mind, your SOUL. When you hold a Higher Intention for your outcome and take the time to love yourself enough to do the work, you WILL get results. And the results you get just might surprise you! I have many clients that have dysfunctional relationships fall away and new ones form just as they finish the 21 Day Purification. It’s remarkable to see how the good stuff really comes from working from the inside out. ☺

Book your session today and let’s get you on track to finding your perfect partner. Let’s see if the cleanse is the jumpstart you need!


SP Complete Dairy Free cleanse
SP Complete Dairy Free cleanse

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