The Importance of Chiropractic Care

Aug 2, 2021

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Having had seven head injuries, celiac disease, and a whole host of other fun issues like candida, I was a mess. I had figured out the gut issues, cleaned up my diet, and eradicated the candida, but why was I still in pain?

I wasn’t going to give up the gym, horses, or any of my other fun sporty things. I had a family member involved in a car accident and was seeing a chiropractor around the corner from me. I decided to give it a go! I liked it (I think?) Turns out he was the wrong kind of chiropractor for my issues and actually did more damage than good. My neck and head injuries didn’t need bone cracking. My celiac (that I didn’t know I had at the time) had all of my ligaments extremely lax, so he could bend my neck like I was rubber. The pain from the adjustments was too much. I fired that guy and found my way to the right doctors.

The musculoskeletal system and its health are some of the most overlooked systems in the human body! We don’t think that sciatic nerve pain can be associated with our spine? Or what about that chronic pain in the shoulder, how is that even connected to the spine?

Now keep in mind this is all a very delicate balance. You could actually have a rib out! And OH MY, that is painful!  I thought I was having a heart attack when my rib went out and was poking my lung right under my left breast, and felt like my heart was going to pop. My chiropractor, Dr. Jenkins, put it back in place and all symptoms were gone. I could breathe again too, bonus!


Not all chiropractors are the same. I have had to rely on several types of chiropractic care styles including a Neuro Upper cervical like Dr. Brian Jenkins, who is my regular maintenance guy now. But it all started with a tensegrity upper cervical realignment with Dr. Matt Hassey. I think of these guys as ‘hardware and wiring’ specialists.

The neuro work with Dr. Jenkins post-injury was INTENSE! Doing silly little exercises like standing on one foot and touching a thumbtack on a wall in front of my face and then touching my nose just about destroyed me! Ok, I’m being dramatic, but needing a 3-hour nap after doing these exercises was a little mind-blowing!

Then there was Dr. David Young! A whole different experience, connecting to my Spiritual and Energetic Higher Self… I can’t even begin to explain.


What about the soft tissue connection? I consider that the ‘software’ and a good applied kinesiology (AK) doctor like Barry Manval or Mallory Tinsely were my specialists for that! Crazy how the sphenoid bone in your skull can be adjusted through the roof of your mouth! That adjustment hurt like hell, but OMG the results? Epic! I finally began to hold the adjustments in my neck after that.

Supporting Healing Products

Now, holding the adjustments is a whole other thing. Diet is key – you have to remove the inflammatory antagonists from your diet! I also love to support healing with products like:

Chiropractic Care Recommendations

(From my personal journey, in order of use)

Dr. Matt Hassey
Nucali Spinal Care

Dr. David Young
Delta Family Chiropractic

Dr. Brian Jenkins
Jenkins Chiropractic

Dr. Malori Tinsley
Well Balanced Body

Dr. Barry Manvel
Manvel Chiropractic

It took several doctors to put me back together and each and everyone listed here had a part to play in my recovery. Don’t get frustrated with this modality if you’re not seeing/feeling results then you could be on the wrong table! It’s not all about bone-cracking, it’s about healing one of the most important systems in your human body: the spine.

I can help you find your best fit for chiropractic care. Need further assistance with the entire wellness path, including the energetic aspect? Contact me for your appointment today!

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