Let’s Talk Tequila & Nachos

May 3, 2022

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I was chatting the other day with a good friend of mine who also eats super clean. ‘Nachos’ are our favorite! We talk about how we order them…

“I would like the nachos, please. But hold the meat, the cheese, the sour cream, and other embellishments.”

“So basically, you want chips and salsa?”


This is a big joke to us, and we had a great laugh! Too funny! You must have a sense of humor when you eat clean. It’s nice to surround yourself with other people who get you and how you eat. The cheese and dairy are a dealbreaker. The meat and jalapeños could be ok but with no cheese is gross.


Our Nachos: We get to eat clean organic non-GMO chips with some organic salsa and maybe some guac if we’re lucky. All the other things on a plate of nachos are a big fat no for us.

So basically, I bring my own chips if I’m going out, or I find a safe spot to graze on the crispy deliciousness.

Favorite Local Spots

We have a local spot called Taco Loco, and the skinny margarita is worth the trip, but the food there just isn’t celiac safe. Great vibe, awesome salsa! I will bring chips to this spot. I don’t even care if I get stink eye either. Stay away from the shrimp cocktail though, it has MSG! It’s been reduced to just a watering hole now.

Zocalo has clean oil that they fry their chips in, so if you leave your bag at home, you can eat safely there.  I love the bean dip and salsa is okay. They have a blackberry margarita there that if you get it with Mezcal and a salt rim, the smoky flavor is nice. Not skinny though. There’s sugar in the blackberry mix they make. Plenty of options. Margarita is just not as good at Taco Loco.

Skip the Margs

Now… If you really want to do it right, skip the margaritas. Just sip 1 shot of a nice aged amber tequila, 1800 is a nice treat. Tequila is considered medicinal (not shots of silver) but sipping a little amber is good for the gut. The aged agave plant holds pro-biotic properties and crosses the blood-brain barrier as an alcohol.

tequila shots

I also make a homemade cough syrup using an aged tequila that I bought in the jungles of Mexico. Applying some herbs and tequila cough syrup had my sick kid thinking I’m the coolest mom on the planet! Strange remedy or not, he beat a nasty flu (pre-covid) and was back at school and soccer in a few days where the other kids that had it were out for weeks.

Want more insight on how to heal naturally with herbs and the strategic use of tequila? Contact me for a session! 📲 916-761-8431

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