Anti-Aging: Health & Lifestyle Maintenance

Apr 26, 2022

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Thank you for following my latest series on Anti-Aging, I hope you have found it useful and informative. Now that you have discovered your fountain of youth, and embraced your new ‘LIFESTYLE’ how do you go about maintaining it?! Keep reading because this is how you get to keep what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Doing the work is YOUR accomplishment. YOU get to reap the rewards and benefits, you worked hard for them. Becoming stable from the inside out and having that reflection of your Highest, Truest Self shine in your outward appearance and life is but a byproduct. How do we go about maintaining this now?! Do not panic, you got this! Having a better understanding of all the components and what contributed to the dysregulation was half the battle.

Once I realized and understood that I was working to improve, heal, strengthen, detox, love, nurture, and maintain myself in all the bodies, my work began to really take shape and meaning.

Killing Off the Viral Voice

Let’s have a look at these bodies and a few of the symptoms that pushed me into doing the work. Notice that yeast and virus were in all of them. This is key! Killing off that viral voice and eradicating it from all components became a personal mission! That’s the nasty little bugger of a voice that says eat the bread and sugar, drink the alcohol, eat the eggplant, and bell peppers (nightshades)!  Yes, nightshades can be a sneaky request from candida. My super clean eaters tend to fall prey to this one.

Now looking at some of the things I had to work on in every component, maybe one all or none of these things belong to you. I’m here to tell you the struggle was real!

Mental: Depression, anxiety, sadness, mood swings, fear, virus, illness, yeast

Emotional: Sadness, anger, resentment, fear, love, virus, dead-end relationships, yeast

Physical: Weight gain, bad skin tone, hair loss, hormone imbalance, mood, virus, illness, parasites, mycotoxins, superbugs, surgeries, scars, yeast, infertility

Spiritual: Spiritual connectedness, Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Practice, Belief systems, attachments, parasites, viruses, yeast

Financial: Money, poverty consciousness, security, well being, planning, trust, virus, illness, yeast

Energetic: Higher Frequency Vibration, removing myself from prescription medications, toxins, viruses, illnesses, yeast

Psychic: Stinkeye, psychic attack, abilities, gifts, parasites, attachments, cords, entities, viruses, illnesses, yeast

It All Starts With the Gut

I’m going to tell you that it’s not as complicated as you think. What if I told you, it really all leads back to one thing, the gut! Once I began to clean up and heal my gut, the rest fell into alignment! Yes, I did some work, it’s simply not easy. But REWARDING! I have turned all those symptoms around and my life is such a better place now.

I learned to practice my own prayer and meditation on a daily basis, I eat clean, I made a list of the attributes of my perfect mate and stuck to it. I maintain my vibrational frequency by staying clean and clear. I AM collective consciousness, I know that I am supported and cared for. I live my life like a Spiritual Ninja! If I see negative energy, I’ll move towards it and redirect it away from me (and my clients), and I dump it back on God’s doorstep.

If you have already begun your journey congratulations! Need some additional guidance and support? Maybe you’re still struggling with some of the above-mentioned symptoms? Contact me for a session so we can sort through it together.

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