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Mar 29, 2022

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TAP TAP TAP into your Highest potential like all my clients have during their sessions with me here at Inspired Living 🤩 Be it local, or from a distance, tapping into the Highest Vibrational Frequency to activate the healing is what it’s all about! Addressing all the layers to find the answers and having that support at the tip of your fingers is an exceptional service.

A Chance Meeting in Mexico

When Angie first started working with me, she had no idea she was struggling so much with a relationship that needed to change. She came to me by fate, in hopes of exploring this random (not random) meeting! Not even knowing what or why she needed me, it has all unfolded over the years as Angie has been doing the work. She is in such a better place now rocking her best life that seems to keep getting better!

“Dawna’s light shines from the moment you meet her. Her professionalism and kind heart are a sure way to success for all of her clients, including me. I first started working with Dawna three years ago after ‘accidentally’ running into her on a vacation in Mexico. If you ask me, there was no accident there at all. Just the wonderful universe bringing her into my world to heal not only physical ailments but emotional ones too. I’ve never felt better in both of those areas. Her clinical qualifications mixed with her incredibly strong intuition is a powerful healing combination. She is also accessible anytime I need her and always meets my needs with a warmth I truly appreciate. My professional career has also been affected positively by Dawna. I can’t say enough about this incredible woman. And thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”

Angie Vancise, Ontario, Canada

An Emotional Clearing That Led to Self-Love

When Picabo found her way to a gifted session with me, she was struggling so much with depression, uncontrollable outbursts, dark thoughts, reactions to all things that were not her own. She was just done and was hoping to find a will to keep on living. Now, while we DID accomplish the biggest goal of all, it wasn’t without a TON of HARD work and HEART work! Here’s what she had to say about her session with me:

“My work with Dawna has Inspired me to keep living my life LITERALLY! I’m back at the gym, watching how I feed my body, doing the Spiritual work… Spiritual work won’t work if you’re at a nutritional deficit. We did the mirror work and I’m now totally aware of the dark energy encroachment when it appears. I now have an ability clear it away myself. I couldn’t sustain in the gym for more than a few days for the last 20 years. I’M BACK to it and losing weight and feeling strong and empowered! I realize now it’s a heart knowledge not a head knowledge. I’m working on the death of my ego and I’m back in charge of me, in love again with me, I am married to me!!”

– Picabo Street, Salt Lake City, UT

Getting to the Root Cause

When Corri first started working with me, she was struggling with finding the missing link to her health concerns. She came to me in hopes of attaining a solution using the Standard Process line and muscle testing. The muscle testing and intuitive process uncovered a few extra layers of work that needed to be addressed and she dug right in! Corri’s Innate Wisdom and her own intuitive sense guided her here to find her answers. Histamines and hormones seem to be under control now.

“I have been working with Dawna for about seven months now and couldn’t be more grateful for her. She has been pivotal in my healing journey and helping me to reconnect to my body’s wisdom and intuition. Dawna creates such a safe, nurturing, warm and fun environment. I always leave every session with her feeling grounded, hopeful, and refreshed! Give yourself this gift of healing. You won’t regret it!”

– Corri Chadwick, Sacramento, CA

Making Sense of All the Things

When Jessica first started working with me, her struggle was wrapped around so many things and she came to me in hopes of making sense of it all and getting some physical and emotional relief. Now, while we DID accomplish some major goals, it wasn’t without a TON of HARD work and HEART work! Here’s what Jessica had to say about the progress we’ve made over the years:

“Dawna’s work has been a guiding light in my wellness. Because of her I am experiencing miraculous healing 10+ doctors said would not be possible. She keeps my life path in alignment and is an amazing guide through tough terrain. She meets me where I am and has helped me overcome so much. My body talks to me through her. I understand myself and my life so much more because of her. She never stops taking me to the next level and helping me claim my destiny!”

– Jessica Williams, Sacramento, CA

These ladies have accomplished some remarkable goals with hard work and HEART work! If you are looking to get to the next level, book your session today!

P.S. If you’ve been in my chair and have a positive story you’d like to share, I’d be so honored if you’d leave me a review on Google and Facebook. 🙏🏼

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