Anti-Aging: From the Inside Out

Apr 5, 2022

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This is the first in my series on Anti-Aging. It’s my best account of my journey on the path to wellness, and I hope you find it helpful. From superbugs, mycotoxins, systemic candida, celiac disease, COVID, EBV, and several other ‘things’ I’ve had to endure on my life path to wellness. The one thing that has been ground zero and consistent… GUT HEALTH!

As I walk through healing mycotoxins, it’s the chicken or the egg scenario. I now wonder if it was mycotoxins that created the celiac or was celiac always there and mycotoxins complicated it? Either way, it’s a thing and I get to live my life wheat/gluten/dairy/sugar-free. This is my lifestyle. If I stay in my lane, I feel great!

It’s powerful to find what fuels your body and make your lifestyle choices around it. The rest will work itself out along the way. I’ll just cut to the good stuff and tell you that what you eat makes a big difference. Inflammation is real people. You need to weed, feed, and seed your gut microbiome. If you have a leaky gut, get it fixed (I can help!) Here are my leaky gut recommendations:

If you have parasites, get them OUT!

Perhaps you’ve been on a host of synthetic supplements, and prescription medications to hold yourself together? Let’s discuss WHY you need them and perhaps find something different you can do to address the actual issue. I bet the issue is a core gut issue that has manifested itself into something more.

Case in point 86-year-old man with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Heavily medicated, combative, agitated, eating in the middle of the night obese, needed round-the-clock care and in-home nursing. He had a gut issue that compounded over 40 years and affected his gut-brain axis, Spiritual well Being, and mental health. I worked on his diet, fixed the gut, addressed the Spiritual attachments. He lost 35lbs, no longer needed nurses, was way less aggravated, regained his memories, went ballroom dancing every week, and was full of life and vitality. So, this Alzheimer’s diagnosis is what it is when it goes that far and gets complicated? Apparently so in this case.

Do you want to age gracefully? Clean up your gut! Contact me today to find out what you need to do next on this journey to graceful aging.

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