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Mar 22, 2022

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In December of 2020, COVID tried to kill me, and it was then I was introduced to Food Grade Biologics (FGB). I’ve used a few products religiously from the FGB line over the last year to rebuild my health and the damage done to me by COVID.

The bonus results included reversing my aging process and rebuilding me stronger and better than I was before! I was struggling with what I thought was menopausal weight, and yes there was a hint of that, but it was really inflam-aging (inflammation), mycotoxins (from mold exposure), and superbugs (from antibiotic resistance). I was a hot mess!


Fast forward now to the healing process post covid and muscle recovery.

I have found that FGB SHAPE provided. It’s not only for Metabolic Syndrome, Thyroid disorders, High Triglycerides, and Diabetic Prevention… it helps you build muscle fast and easy! Paired with FGB MyHeart & FGB HH Dan (high cholesterol), and Balance for hormones (comes in men’s & women’s formulas) it’s a powerhouse of results!

My personal journey has included Shape and Women’s Balance daily, and I’ve worked on my cholesterol and liver too while keeping this on board. I have found that with minimal exercise my arms are muscular and more tone, I have more strength and energy overall. My pants fit better; my stomach is flat. I haven’t lost weight but melted away several inches! Which means I’m losing fat and gaining muscle.

FGB Women's Shape

Post-COVID exercise PTSD is real! It’s hard to recover from full-body muscle atrophy. My current exercise plan is 2 Pilates classes a week and some basic walking, and I’m getting RESULTS! What’s your plan?

Having a plan is good. Know what your goals are, put together a plan, and execute the plan! Need help? Contact me! Let’s get you booked for a session and see what product combo fits your plan.

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