Behind the Mask: Mycotoxins

Jun 6, 2022

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Let the Healing Begin

Mycotoxins are the great masquerader of the 21st century! I’ve yanked off that mask and have revealed the ugly face behind the illnesses. There are so many mystery illnesses that really come from mycotoxins that are produced by mold: autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, ALS, autism, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Mold is Everywhere

Mold is everywhere and in our food, but the food-borne molds are relatively harmless. I’m talking about the black mold living under your carpet, in your front-loading washing machine, behind your shower wall, and potentially in your workplace.

There are over 400,000 species of mold, but only 25 of them cause real health problems in humans. Mold-infested homes, businesses, and places that have had water damage can have these dangerous lurking molds and fungi. Treatment is lengthy but easy enough once you realize that this is what you’re dealing with.

Cleaning Isn’t Enough

You must remove yourself from the toxin or remove the toxin. So, does that mean go in and bleach it and wait for it to return? NOPE. You must stop the water leak, or whatever is creating it.

Cleaning mold is such a toxic job too! I would dawn a hazmat suit if I had one to do this job! But what good is cleaning it if it just keeps coming back, and you continue to get all up close and personal with it during the cleaning? And the bleach alone would be extra toxic on top of it!

The spores are so tiny and finite that they can be embedded in your clothes, pets, lungs, nose, eyes, hair, etc.. The list is long and scary! This is more common than you know, and it should be looked at.


If you have been chasing mystery symptoms from autoimmune, CFS, Lyme, or fibromyalgia and have had no relief even though you’ve been to doctors and tried all the treatments, I want you to think of molds in the home and/or workplace. Chances are your illness has been caused by mycotoxins!

I’ve had several exposures over the course of my life that have complicated my health. I feel like I finally have the answers to heal the problem, and it’s LIBERATING! I’m excited to start feeling better NOW.

If you are dealing with some random inexplicable symptoms, I would get tested by to see where you land. You can also schedule a session with me as I have the test kits in my office.

I’ve got some healing options that are formulated for you on a personal case-by-case basis. Not all mycotoxin cases are the same, we all have different levels of severity and symptoms. Reach out for a session if you feel you need to dive deeper into this subject.

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