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Jun 21, 2022

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I have been a crystal, stone, gem, and rock junkie since I was a kid. I’ve always loved the vibration of them and gravitated to all of the shiny objects. In the 90’s I had a rock sack full of stones that I just loved SOOO much and my purse weighed 50 lbs., and every time I took my bra off, they would go falling out onto the floor.

I found a quartz crystal once out on the property when I got off my horse, and I carried that thing with me EVERYWHERE! I was super bummed when I lost it, and I truly feel the unfortunate life events that I endured afterward were linked to the loss of my crystal. Was it really? NO… My poor decisions as a 19-year-old would really be the cause, but it made me realize in that moment the power of the crystal!

I guess there is a fine line between superstition and vibrational connection. I’m going to really point you in the direction of the vibrational properties here and less on the superstition.

How Do Crystals Work?

“Everything in life is a vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Crystals are made of particles that hold energy and emit vibrations. Each crystal has its own vibrations and brings to the table its own set of superpowers. Our electronic devices (e.g. your cell phone, computer, TV, etc.) are made with clear quartz alongside other minerals because of their ability to emit a gentle charge under pressure.

Our senses and emotions are all influenced by vibrations in our environment. Using crystals gives us the power to support ourselves mentally, energetically, physically, and spiritually.

How to Use Crystals

  1. Cleanse and charge your crystals when you first get them. They’re exposed to all kinds of energy so when they come into your possession give them a fresh start. You can use sage or palo santo smoke, a saltwater bath, or let them soak up the moonlight.
  2. Program your crystal by going through a visualization exercise, stating your intention, and expressing gratitude.
  3. From here, how you use your crystals is up to you. You can use them in meditation, or a ritual, you can wear them, or keep them close by in various areas of your home, car, office, etc.

Which Crystal is Best For You?

The stones, crystals, rocks, and gems will find you! Pay attention to what attracts you and why. Do the research, and learn about them! Why do you love [enter your favorite stone here] so much?

Go to one of my favorite books Love Is in The Earth to read all the things on all the stones! Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing and The Crystal Code: Balance Your Energy, Transform Your Life are good ones too.

book on crystals

Here are all my favorites, and you will find them all around my office, and I, of course, wear the diamonds, here is just a little information to pique your interest.

Diamond – Vibrates to master number 33. Empathy, blessings, motivation, integrity, courage, perseverance, and courage. Amplifies all other stones around me, strengthens my voice (necklace), clairaudience (earrings) healing hands (rings) activates crown chakra and creates a connection between intellect and Higher knowledge, removes brain fog, aids in manifesting and so much more!

Ruby – Joy, spontaneity, laughter, courage, strengthens heart, energizes the aura, protects home and possessions.

Garnet – Regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism, brings serenity

Sapphire – Strengthen voice, releases mental tension, depression, and spiritual confusion, restores balance in the body

Citrine – The merchants stone, prosperity, and abundance

Obsidian – Shields against negativity, clears all emotional, aura, releases excess of energy, grounding, stabilizing, aids communication with Spirit Guides, protection, draws out mental stress, and aids growth in all areas and levels. I use massive stones in session for healing work.

obsidian crystals rocks

Quartz Crystal – Amplifier, spiritual growth, awareness, wisdom, harmonizes and stabilizes. Plants love them!

Rose Quartz – Joy, abundance, love, heart, compassion, peace, calm

Amethyst – Protection, Serenity, understanding, trust, grace, and friendships

Amazonite – Calms the brain and nervous system, aids in optimum health

Pyrite – Strength, energy, abundance

Hematite – Protection that does not need to be cleared. I place at the 4 corners of my property, rooms, and home to protect.

Sodalite – Harmony Inspiration, communication

Aventurine – Creativity, confidence, success

Calcite – Playfulness, creativity, sexuality

Carnelian – Courage, vitality, action

Where to Find Them

A great place to start is to visit and support your local metaphysical store. You’d be surprised how many there are! There’s one a few doors down from my office in Old Folsom – Planet Earth Rising.

You can also order them online from places like Able Ground, Energy Muse, and even Etsy.

And of course, take a walk and see what you gravitate towards. Who knows what you’ll find on your very own property.

Are you looking for added protection around your home, to attract love and friendship, wealth and abundance, sound sleep, and better health? (aren’t we all?!) Then you’re probably ready to take the woo to the next level and start placing crystals, stones, rocks, and gems in all areas of your life. Maybe you already have the stones but are ready to level up on your healing journey, contact me for an appointment and let’s rock on! 🤘🏼

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