Getting Support From Your Loved Ones

Jan 26, 2021

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How many times have you decided to turn a new leaf and start something healthy for yourself only to be sabotaged by your family, significant other, and/or friends? It’s hard enough when you sabotage yourself, but now you have all of this outside influence trying to de-rail your efforts! Or calling you ‘crazy’ because gluten is ‘fine’. Or what about dairy?! It’s just cheese! Really there’s no gluten in this cake I brought over to you; I made it with regular flour. Really. 😐

Why is it when we muster up what we need to execute our plan that everyone in our direct orbit has a meltdown and gets offended by YOUR food choices?

MOM – Are you eating twigs and berries again? You never had a problem with gluten before! Takes it personally and makes it all about her.

HUSBAND – Wait, so no pizza?! I’m going to starve to death and die! 

BFF – It’s just ONE BEER! It’ll be fine.

FAMILY MEMBERS – Avoids inviting to any gatherings because it’s just weird that you bring your own food. But at the same time, they don’t know what to feed you.

Any of this sound familiar?

It’s your choice to do a cleanse and adopt a new lifestyle around your specific food allergies and sensitivities or just deciding to stop eating crap altogether. It’s a hard choice to make, and it takes strength and courage.

Let me tell you, nothing works better in these situations than just being calm and steadfast in your new lifestyle. They will see results and that it’s really how you live now!

Then they will come to realize at some point that they want what you have! Vitality, shine, health, oh yeah, the fact that you dropped 10lbs of inflammation and feel great is pretty attractive too! Not to mention the great skin, hair, viable pregnancy, great sex life, great pooping, sleeping well, no more hot flashes, belly fat decreased, no more burping or foul gas… And so much more!

When it comes to your spouse, sometimes it will literally take them jumping on the same plan or similar. For example, when I have clients that are experiencing fertility issues, I’ll start Mama off with a 21 Day Purification and dietary cleanup. But guess what! Future Dad needs in on this too as his health is a contributing factor!

When there is a common motivator, couples and families do better if they participate in it together. Accountability partners, you know ride or die! I have several married couples and whole families that are working together now on their healthy lifestyle plans that have been custom-tailored to their bio-individualities!

Remember… lead by EXAMPLE! Find a common motivator. Learn together, heal together. Need help getting there? Schedule your session with me today!

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