My COVID Journey – Part 1

Feb 9, 2021

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As most of you know, I am the healthiest person on the planet! How the hell did I get COVID?! I managed to go all year, even seeing people safely in my office, without getting sick. 

I continued to be very busy too! COVID didn’t stop my regular day-to-day operations. I have an incredibly modulated immune system, (thank you Echinacea Premium) and an excellent diet. Eating clean is really my lifestyle! 

COVID journey

I have love, happiness, and support in my life, all is good! My general foundation for health is pretty stellar! I had even been exposed a few times to COVID, but I never got sick.

So how did I actually get it then? I kissed my man, that’s how! My hubby brought it home from the airport where he works, and I smooched it right off of his face. So, don’t go kissing on anyone with COVID! 🤪

COVID is tricky. My husband had a sniffle and fever of 100.9 for all of 10 minutes, where I ended up in the hospital with COVID-related pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism. How we went from zero to my near-death is quite a story! I’ll have to take it in phases as it is still unraveling. I am well now, even COVID negative… But the recovery process and the fatigue is NO JOKE! I will be sharing my whole COVID journey with you this month and offering you the solutions that helped us get through this. 

I have an A blood type and my husband is an A-. My son is O+ and even while I was sick with COVID, he continued to kiss my forehead and be too close to me (in my opinion). He did not get sick. AT ALL.

This virus also has a double bite. I got a head cold three days after kissing my husband, and I beat it! I was well for Thanksgiving where I proceeded to eat some cheese, sugar, and had it with an adult beverage. For the record, I normally don’t do dairy or sugar. On Dec 3rd it hit me like a ton of bricks. The uncontrollable shaking from being cold and horrible body pain hit first. This was a result of that kiss from my man. Next week I’ll cover the next phase of my COVID journey… Ugly Sick Symptoms!

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