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Apr 12, 2022

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OMG, could I be any more EXTRA!? I’ve realized this over the years and have just come to accept that is who I am. I love a great massage, facial, and mani/pedi. I get my hair done on the regular every 6 weeks. I love yoga and Pilates and eat very clean organic food.

When you feel as crappy as I did for the last 30 years you will do whatever it takes to have a good day. I found that I could manage my celiac with regular bodywork, exercise, and clean eating. But COVID came and took me OUT! I had all of these underlying conditions (and their symptoms) that I’ve been fighting for years. I thought I had it all under control until I got ugly sick, and my muscles atrophied, my hair fell out, and I was reduced to a weak and frail old woman. It was time to step up my self-care game!

Here are links to my people and my products for this phase of this healing journey. Words cannot convey the gratitude for the work of these gifted professionals:

Products I Used

Food Grade Biologics Gavam
Food Grade Biologics Anti Aging-Alpha

I used Food Grade Biologics’s Gavam and Anti Aging-Alpha plus a custom-targeted treatment.

Professionals I Love – My Special Treatments

Dr. Brian Jenkins D.C. My atlas is a problem. He keeps me tuned up so I can stay tuned in! His Nero specialty also ON POINT!

Susan Bentley of Alma Sana Yoga, Post Covid Recovery Program/Yoga Instructor – She assisted my lungs to breathe through mindful pranayama and gentle custom yoga exercises.

Acupuncture/Anti-Aging Matrix Facials saved my face! I had no idea that the cellular damage of COVID, superbugs, and mycotoxins took this big of a toll on my aging process.


Yvette Grabis, Sports & Clinical Lymph Massage – Weekly sessions with this mighty mouse totally helped my body! Toxic fluid build up post covid is no joke. Not for the faint of heart. Medical/Clinical cases only.

Tamara Andersen, Functional Bodywork – Tamara has been working on my body 15+ years and goes deep. She will also make you cry like a little girl (in a good way).

Tia Pham, Cabernet Nails Granite Bay – Not just a pedicure. A real anti-aging experience and massage! The fluid in my feet and soreness in my legs melt under her touch. I always feel better with cute toes and a manicure.

As an ‘experiencer’, I will go out and find the newest, coolest, thing on this health journey and bring it back to you. I will dig deep for you to find the answers and solutions to some of the most complicated situations. I’ll do all the things (eat the many pills, drink the shakes, get the massages and acupuncture) If it’s great and works well then, I can’t shut up about it! Good news, this means you benefit!

Want to know which way to go first? Contact me for your session today and let’s begin!

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