The Importance of a Time Out

Oct 20, 2021

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November 2019. 12 days in Cancun, Mexico with my sweetie, little did we know we were one year away from my near-death experience with COVID.

The hubs and I always plan our time out in November around our anniversary. Mexico is our spot! It’s not too expensive, and when you plan and book it a year in advance, you can really have a FANTASTIC trip and not break the bank.

In 2020 when the COVID bomb dropped, and all the businesses started to roll up the sidewalks, that’s when mine became the busiest it’s ever been. I found that to be a blessing and decided to really embrace the work since I could work.

It broke my heart knowing we wouldn’t get our time out for the 2020-time frame, but what could we do? Work more! For the record… That wasn’t the best idea for me. I learned that year that I need a time out no matter what. I even got a Universal sign to slow the heck down! (Speeding ticket) And I wasn’t even being an asshole! It was for 5 miles over the speed limit. Rude. But I didn’t get the ‘message’ to slow down. Hindsight…

So, here are some tips for making time for yourself:

Plan Ahead

We have a great travel agent, Melanie DeSouza, who can help you plan your dream vacation. Planning ahead helps to cut costs, and you can get yourself into a savings plan habit for the 12 months prior to your trip. Jeff and I squirrel away $100 cash every week to pay for our vacation and build our travel cash fund. It’s tough, and sometimes we don’t have the extra to throw into the travel kitty, but it ALWAYS works out! With the uncertainty of travel right now, buy travel insurance.


Is it a work expense? Can you make it a work expense? Talk to your CPA if you are a business owner, you may be able to write your trip off. It’s my way of getting a paid vacation, kind of anyways. I’m still off work and not earning for those days I’m away. I meet clients abroad, take my laptop, do orders and a session or two wherever I’m at, and do a travel food blog. I also get myself tuned up and get ‘supplies’ while I’m away. Those magical obsidian stones don’t grow on trees, and just so happens they are sourced in the jungles of Mexico. 😉

Be ok with it!

You DESERVE to have time off! You DESERVE a vacation! Even if it isn’t in the cards for you to travel right now, take a few days to do a staycation. Maybe drive a few hours up or down the coast. Go hug a tree, plant your feet in some sand or grass somewhere.

You will be SO much better to your family, clients, and/or co-workers. You will feel more energy overall with a nice reset and recharge. Need a tune-up in between? Schedule your appointment with me and let’s get your happy back.

P.S. Don’t forget your OmniX for your travels! Applying a little to your eyes, nose, mouth, and hands will give you 24-hour protection from flu and COVID strains.

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