Traveling with Special Dietary Needs

Nov 9, 2021

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It’s time to put your big kid pants on and go out into the world and eat out and stay safe doing it. Looking at the menu mortified isn’t going to help you! You need to take your power back, look at that menu armed with information, and make a confident decision. Part of that power comes with a little pre-planning and effort. Here are some tips to make your outing a positive experience.


Look at menus online before you go out. Know where you are going and what your choices are. Who is traveling with you and what do they like to eat? Do they eat the same specialty diet as you? If not, look for places that can provide something for everyone.


Ask your hostess if they have a gluten-free menu. Talk to your server about gluten-free, and dairy-free options, and let them know that you have special dietary needs. If you are traveling, let the airline know your needs, as well as the hotel/resort you are staying at. It will take so much stress out of your trip.

Let go of EGO!

Who cares if you look like an asshole! You’re NOT! If you have celiac disease, it’s a matter of survival for you to not get contaminated! Even if you do not have celiac disease, it’s ok to stand up for yourself and ask for what you need. If they can’t provide it, no problem. Find another option.

I love to travel, and this next trip to Mexico is at a new resort for us. Our last favorite resort was bought out by a new resort and they sucked! When we went in November 2019, they had no clue who we were or what our dietary needs were. Before that, we would go there yearly because they DID know us and took great care of us and my dietary needs. So, we had to say goodbye and hire a new resort. I will keep you posted 😉 I will say so far so good, the concierge profile asked about special dietary needs.

Make Safe Choices

You are always safe with a protein, veggie combination. It’s soups, sauces, gravies, and salad dressings that will get you in trouble. Ask for no croutons, avoid the Caesar salads, they are nothing but a delicious dairy and gluten trap! I stick to the mixed green salads with balsamic dressing, no cheese or croutons. I’ve even gone so far as to order lettuce and lemon wedges with olive oil before. Don’t be too drunk or too hangry when you venture out too… THAT will get you in trouble!

Speaking of drunk? Google your alcohol choices and make sure they are gluten-free if that’s what you are following. You could be drinking your contamination, be careful!

Be Prepared

Bring your, Zymex, Cod Liver Oil, Zypan, and Colax!  If you get into trouble, have a way to get out of it quicker!  Zypan will help digest it faster, and if you get constipated after contamination, Colax will save the day! Zymex if you get diarrhea vs constipation.  It’s all about the gut guys!

Happy Travels, and most importantly HAVE FUN! 🏝

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