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Sep 18, 2023

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In my I’ve Cracked the Code Series I talk about my BIG wins on beating the mycotoxins, dropping 45lbs, and reversing my age by about 20+ years. As I persist on this ongoing voyage of self-exploration and profound cellular rejuvenation, I find that my reservoir of knowledge and understanding continues to expand. At this juncture in my journey, I’m eager to impart the insights I’ve gained about building the innate immune system.

Building and increasing white blood cells (WBC) and lymphocytes can help reduce the risk of various health challenges, including spike proteins, cancer, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and COVID-19, due to their critical roles in our immune system. Here’s a brief explanation of how I’m thinking this works:

Spike Proteins and Cancer Risk Reduction

So if white blood cells, particularly lymphocytes, play a crucial role in identifying and destroying abnormal cells, including spike proteins (which look the same as cancer cells) and actual cancer cells. Wouldn’t increasing their numbers enhance the immune system’s ability to detect and eliminate these unnatural invaders and their cellular damage (that could potentially become cancerous growths) early on? Thus, reducing the risk of cancer development and progression?

1. Viral Infection Defense:

Lymphocytes, specifically T cells and B cells, are essential for fighting viral infections. T cells recognize and attack infected cells directly, while B cells produce antibodies that can neutralize viruses. So, wouldn’t an elevated number of lymphocytes strengthen the body’s ability to combat viral infections? Including common viruses like the flu, HIV, and hepatitis, and perhaps even HSV1 & HSV2?

2. Bacterial Infection Resistance:

Neutrophils and macrophages are types of white blood cells; they are critical in defending against bacterial infections. If they engulf and destroy bacteria, preventing the bacteria from spreading and causing illness. Wouldn’t an increased WBC count bolster the immune response against bacterial invaders, reducing the risk of bacterial infections such as pneumonia, oral, skin, urinary tract infections, and sepsis?

3. Fungal Infection Prevention:

  1. Lymphocytes’ Role: Lymphocytes, particularly T cells, are essential components of the immune system that help defend against fungal infections. They recognize and target fungal invaders, initiating an immune response to eliminate the threat.
  2. Enhanced Immune Response: A higher number of lymphocytes can improve the body’s ability to detect and respond to fungal pathogens promptly. This means that the immune system can more effectively neutralize fungi before they establish an infection.
  3. Improved Immune Surveillance: White blood cells, including lymphocytes, are responsible for continuous immune surveillance, monitoring the body for signs of infection. An increased WBC count enhances this surveillance, making it more likely that fungal infections will be detected early and dealt with swiftly.

Boosting the body’s ability to fight all of these epic infections involves strengthening the immune system and adopting an awareness of your environment and lifestyle choices. Applying ancient herbal/plant wisdom, nutrition, and today’s cutting-edge science and technology is the magic synergy. By sharing my experience, strength, and hope, I can empower my clients/patients with the knowledge and instructions to a holistic approach that will bolster their own immunity. Together we ultimately begin to shape a future where our bodies are better equipped to defend against an ever-evolving array of pathogens.

Already in the grips of a nasty health crisis? I can help here too, it’s not too late to begin taking charge of your health and well-Being.

So, if your goal is to not only achieve long-term health and immunity but to reduce the reliance on antibiotics and medications, schedule your private session.

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