What Really Matters on a Food Label

Mar 15, 2022

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Why is it so difficult to read a food label? Processed packaged foods have labels as required by the FDA, but this doesn’t always mean they are accurate. Truth in labeling is pretty sketchy still… So, there is THAT obstacle!


Manufacturers can bury ugly ingredients under false names and categories like ‘maltodextrin’ or ‘natural flavors’ (GLUTEN & MSG) and things like ‘sucralose’ and ‘fructose’ (SUGAR) and let’s not forget the ‘whey protein’ (DAIRY) in products to boost the nutritional content. So, if you can skip the nutritional facts label and go straight to the actual ingredients label and look for your offenders here first, you will save yourself some time and frustration.

Now, how many ingredients are on the label of that product you are holding? Wait! There is no label on fresh fruit or produce so eat it without guilt!

When buying food that is coming in a package, read the label of ingredients first to rule out the garbage before you do the math on the protein, sugar, sodium, carbs, and calories. I call this nutrient speed reading.

Simple Mills food label
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Most important is your serving size. Some manufacturers are putting two labels on packages now, so you can see a single serving size and what it will cost your body to eat the whole box. Sometimes we eat the whole box! My question is this, would it even be worth it for a small handful of whatever it is? I consider this when choosing something to stuff in my face!!

Need some help getting off the packaged foods? Questions? Text me! I keep in text communication with my clients, and I get so many food label questions when they are out shopping. Let’s get you in my chair for a session. I can help you find safe and yummy foods to fuel your body and arm you with education about how to shop and eat safely.

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