The Approaching Holidays and Sugar

Oct 27, 2020

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Halloween is just around the corner… SUGAR

halloween candies

The candy bowl, the excess alcohol, and sweet treats brought to the office. Making cookies with the kids. You know all the things…

Thanksgiving is up next… SUGAR

bread food plate light

The pies, baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and great wine! Friends, family, and the awkwardness of the gathering in 2020 making you want to hide in the corner and eat more.

Christmas after that… SUGAR

chocolate drink in a cup

The chocolates, alcohol, and more pies and baked goods. Christmas morning pancakes, donuts, and cinnamon rolls that the neighbor brought. You know the ones that look great but taste crappy! The ones that make you regret you even stuffed it in your face.

New Year’s Eve… SUGAR

people toasting wine glasses

Cuz let’s face it now that you’ve sh*t the bed and eaten all the things over the Holiday Season, why not overindulge during New Years! What’s another 2lbs to your 10lb gain on top of your covid 15lbs!?

Don’t add insult to injury! Let’s plan a safe and successful Holiday Season around food and SUGAR!

You can start the 21 Day Purification now or after the Halloween party, just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving. Then work in another small 10 Day Detox before Christmas to stay on track. By this time, you’ll be so clean that 1 glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve will be all you need! Just enough to celebrate your 10lb weight loss over the course of the Holidays! Sound like a plan? Great!

Contact me for your appointment to start your Holiday Success Program!

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