Meal Prep and Plan: Setting Yourself Up for Success

May 25, 2021

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Now that you’ve cleaned out the crap from your pantry, where do you begin?

Meal Plan

Make a List & Have a Plan

Start with a shopping list that everyone in your family knows about and has access to. Make sure to train everyone in the house to actually USE the list. If you run out of TP in the bathroom and you use it, PUT IT ON THE LIST! If you don’t then things won’t get replaced. That’s how I run my house. If I want to try a new recipe, I will put the ingredients on the list. I plan the meal and put the other items on the list. I think you get this part now…

What’s the plan?

Where do you shop and when do you do it? My husband and I both shop together every weekend. We will sometimes go to Friends with Benedicts for a little treat before we ‘drudge’. We hit Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. We live in Folsom, and these are the places we shop. You may have a different plan altogether and do Instacart or Whole Foods delivery! There is nothing wrong with that, just have a plan and make it a routine. You have to eat, so just kiss the frog and do the shopping!

Meal Prep

Prep the food!

One of the things I always do every 12 days is I make breakfast bowls for my husband’s lunches. I make a dozen at a time.

Every day I pack his lunch with a breakfast bowl (pre-made by me and frozen) a Gus soda, a pack of chocolate almonds, his vitamins, whatever we had the night before for dinner as his lunch, and a salad with a hard-boiled egg. And of course, utensils. I will have my lunch ready too, but I’m not as complicated as he is. 😉

Cook Ahead

On weeks that I make my red sauce, I also plan a few dinners around it. I also make enough to pop in the freezer too for another week’s worth of dinners when we want it. This Chermoula is pretty rockin’ to have on hand too!

Chermoula – First of all, WTF is that!? I didn’t know about it until Zyto had it on my most recent food scan. I didn’t know what to do with it until I googled it! Try this, it’s delicious! You can marinade your meats or even veggies in this stuff! It’s fragrant and herbaceous and can even be used as a dressing for a Moroccan-inspired salad of carrot, cucumber, cashew feta, and pomegranate seeds.

Check out the recipes here: Blender Chermoula Sauce and Moroccan Skirt Steak Salad With Chermoula

If this is too much work, then keep it simple and just use some good ol Montreal steak seasoning on your meat and throw it on the grill! I always use grass-fed organic beef!

Want to know what your body wants? Contact me to get on the schedule for your personalized Foods for Wellness scan!

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