Which Weight Loss Strategy Is Right for You?

Feb 27, 2023

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Ladies, if your goal is to fit back into those size 10 jeans. Let’s make it a perfectly healthy 10. Curvy and strong, not flabby, chunky, and poured into the jeans. Losing weight properly, especially 30lbs or more means paying attention to all the things especially your energy, muscle, and skin elasticity. Most importantly maintaining it! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Reaching for the quick fix for a large weight loss can be so damaging to your body and your mind. You may achieve your weight loss goal, but once you do, then what? Have you learned about nutrition and how to feed yourself? Have you just gone back to your old way of eating and now the pounds are coming back on? What have you learned on this journey?

Gentlemen, how about you? Are you trying to lose that mid-section tire and get your mojo back? You might need to deal with the hormone imbalance causing this and address the nutrition as you move into your perfect workout routine.

I have taken many of my clients male and female through all stages of health improvements including weight loss. One of the most rewarding things is applying that clinical edge that my people need to actually become successful for real this time.  Most have done the yo-yo dieting and have even gone to extreme measures like bariatric surgery. Even after the surgery, you still have to figure out the issue and work even more diligently to achieve proper nutrition.

Sometimes it’s not just about weight loss, it might be linked to and all about the feels, fertility, navigating an eating disorder, hormone imbalance, or even mental health. For sure it’s always beginning with the gut.

The right type of exercise is absolutely critical to your success and overall health in general. If you are peri or post-menopausal, or even in MAN o pause (yes boys this is a thing) you may be doing the wrong workout, and not supporting your muscles properly. If there is adrenal stress, fatigue, or exhaustion present, then a high-stress workout will make you fatter and more fatigued and exhausted. Perhaps Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi are a better choice, to begin with.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Knowing your goal and what to eat before and after your workout is key. Finding the best type of exercise for your body and mind is really key if you want to make it stick.

Some do well with juicing apples and jicama before a workout, and protein loading after. Then there are the ones that hit it and get it at 6 am to exercise on a fast and then have a balanced protein, carb, and fruit after a workout. Some do best with protein loading before, and an apple after a workout. Some load protein before and after a workout and go heavy on complex carbs 4 hours later.

My Observations of Various Weight Loss Strategies

I have had several of my clients, especially female clients over the years, that needed to lose a significant amount of weight. Some went off to do keto, some went off to do bars and shakes, a few just did the surgery, some stuck with me here and all of the results were fascinating!


My keto clients end up losing weight, and they feel great! They think it’s because of keto, but it’s actually when they cut the inflammatory antagonists from their diet. They will lose the weight, then gain it all back the min carbs hit the lips. You have to do a ‘reverse keto’ most people don’t know this. This is hard on the body, especially the kidneys. If you are not equipped to handle the digestive needs of this diet, your gut will swell. Eating too much of the dairy on keto will also make you inflamed and your joints ache, and your gut protrudes. You can do dairy-free keto, it’s definitely better. I have not seen one client have long-term success with this yet.

Case Observation Female: Her size 10 came and went so fast because wine and bread and cheese came back with a vengeance.

Case Observation Male: Men do better with keto than the ladies do, but I see the weight creep back up on them just the same. Only slower.


I have several clients who buy into the expensive but easy Optavia shakes and bars to reach their goals for weight loss fast. If you are okay with dairy and sugar and really crappy ingredients, then this is for you! This is a form of extreme calorie deficit, and it ultimately burns up muscle, not fat. Nothing about nutrition is learned from this method, other than eating 100 calories every 2 hours will build your metabolism. For some body types, this is EXACTLY what they need to lose weight because they starve themselves. When your body is given something every 2 hours it feels cared for and will release. If this is for your body type, you can execute this strategy by food-prepping your own 100-calorie feedings. The instruction is to lose 10lbs under your goal weight is also great advice. As you acclimate to eating again, you will rapidly gain back and at least you have a 10lb cushion. My people usually go back on the shakes and plan because they don’t know what else to do when the weight comes back on. It’s a bit of a trap.

Case Observation Female: The size 10 result here was a lumpy bumpy heavy-on-the-skin sag.


Gastric bypass, sleeves whatever the surgery it really gets you in the mindset of I am losing this weight NOW! You are forced to take care of yourself with surgery, and if you don’t, severe nutritional deficiencies will plague you. The surgery will result in a pretty rapid weight loss, muscle loss, and excessive skin sag can be a side effect. Prioritizing nutrients and protein digestion with full absorption and assimilation is key. Muscle-building workouts as the body can tolerate will assist in proper skin shrinkage and minimize the sag-and-drag. Plastic surgery for skin sag will probably still be needed depending on how much weight is lost.

Case Observation Female: The size 10 result here was another lumpy bumpy heavy-on-the-skin sag with extreme nutritional deficiencies. Weight has begun to come back on.

Case Observation Male: He lost an incredible amount of muscle mass causing more sag and a deteriorated look with a pallor complexion. Way harder to teach the ways of nutrition to, and developed other health issues.

Clinical Nutrition

Finding the inflammatory antagonists in your food and removing them is an easy 8-10lb weight loss. Inflammation is weight. Perhaps you have an autoimmune disease you have to work around. Maybe you have a leaky gut and everything you eat makes you fatigued and bloated. You may have poor protein synthesis, oxidative stress, neuronal damage, and estrogen/testosterone deficiencies from mycotoxins. All contributing to weight gain and failure to build lean muscle mass. Finding the clinical issue behind the scenes that has kept you from achieving your goals is what I do. I will educate you too along the way on how to nourish yourself and find your lifestyle with food. We all have to eat. You can’t outrun it, so you may as well make it your bitch! 😎 Reclaim your power and HEAL.

Case Observation Female: This case made it to size 10, but it came and went so fast! She was a size 10 for about a week. Then moved right into a size 8 of lean, curvy, and strong. Minimal skin sag, and muscle loss. The exercise focused 2x weekly and with minimal effort.

Case Observation Male: Men always get way better results right away with me than the ladies. (When they choose to do it) It makes us wives pissed! The average with my male clients has been a 35lb weight loss, more lean muscle mass, recovery of lost erections, and a ton of energy. They keep it off, but a few go back out and get crazy on the vacations and celebrations and need to bring it back in. And they do and rock it again.

Proper Nutrition + Weight Loss is Not a Sprint

There are many ways to go about your weight loss journey. We all tend to have zero patience and opt for the fastest easiest way possible to achieve our weight loss goal. Although you can lose weight rapidly with bars, an extreme calorie deficit, HCG, surgery, maybe even tricking the body into ketosis. This seldom holds strong for a long-lasting effect. You will lose muscle and depending on how long you do the extreme measure you can actually cause damage to the hormones that were just looking to get balanced to begin with.

No matter if you’re male or female, what your size is, or what your goals are, wouldn’t you like to know how to get the best results from your efforts and be the healthiest version of yourself?

I have several different approaches I can apply to your weight loss strategy, it’s all up to your bio-individuality. What is it that YOU need to be the strongest healthiest version of yourself? Contact me for a session and let’s get you scheduled to find out!

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