My COVID Journey – Part 2

Feb 16, 2021

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Ugly Sick Symptoms

Imagine standing buck naked waiting for the shower water to heat up so you can climb in. Then all of a sudden a ton of bricks hits you at that moment and you have uncontrollable shaking and instant body pain that makes the shower spray feel like needles piercing your skin. Little did I know this was a cytokine storm.

I had already been exposed to COVID, and my immune system had a severe overreaction. I didn’t know that this storm was an overproduction of my immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which sent a surge of activated immune cells to my lungs. But we’ll get to that… 

COVID ugly sick symptoms
COVID ugly sick symptoms

The ‘flu’ symptoms that hit me for the next nine days were nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, body aches, and pains that were a 22 on a scale of 1-10. I lost my taste and my smell. My whole torso vibrated with what was like a hunger pang but in my whole torso. And it was violent. I swear my insides were eating themselves!

Now mind you, I’m really sick. Hubby is worried about me and thinks I need a doctor. I haven’t done a Western medicine doctor in 20 years; I had no idea where to go or what to do! We go to urgent care, and after 4 hours of waiting and paperwork, the doctor takes one look at me and says I should go to the ER since they administer the COVID test. I had no idea they don’t do that there. We at least got our COVID tests that day. We both showed positive… 4 days later for Jeff and 5 days for me.

By that time, I was really having a problem breathing. My pulse oxygen was hovering at 89 and sometimes as low as 79. Of course, I was a textbook respiratory distress that was contaminated by secondary bacterial pneumonia (people usually die from this alone). But I decided to wait a few more days and add in a nice blood clot in my lower right lung to go with it. Dr. Stoller had me on Ivermectin and Inhaled steroids, but at this point, my lungs had already begun to crystalize.

Finally, that Sunday, as peace and serenity washed over me, and I had a full conversation with my Guides and Angels. I thought to myself I would really like to lay back down. As I thought that, one of my Guides said, “If you do that you will die in your sleep”. Then I thought maybe I do need to go to the ER, and as I started to wander off mentally about what to take, what to wear, oh God I haven’t brushed my hair and teeth today… I haven’t showered in 18 days… I heard a booming voice that said NOW!!! At that point my serenity bubble popped, my son was standing over me saying, “MOM, MOM, MOM!”

And Jeff was just waiting for my queue. After I heard the booming NOW, I let the boys know it was time. 

What do you take to the ER? This was the biggest stressor! So, I grabbed a phone charger, a bottle of water, my big comfy jacket (parka really); I hate being cold and found my slippers. 

Jeff pulled the car around, and just walking from the couch to the car zapped my ass! He delivered me to the curb, and that’s as far as he could go. I got rolled in with a pulse oxygen of 72, and they took me into a code room with a ventilator. Now the staff all knows the ventilator is a death sentence. It sat next to me for 2 days in the ER threatening me, and I didn’t even know it.

Stay tuned… in next week’s blog, I’ll cover my hospital experience and what’s really happening behind the scenes!

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