Transformation and Healing

Apr 15, 2024

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Exploring Near-Death Experiences and Shamanism

Have you had, or suspect that you’ve had a near-death experience (NDE)?

Effects of Near-Death Experiences:

NDEs are known to bring about significant changes in personality and outlook on life. Individuals who undergo NDEs often undergo a consistent set of values and belief changes. These changes include a heightened appreciation for life, increased self-esteem, greater compassion for others, reduced emphasis on material wealth, a heightened sense of purpose and self-understanding, a desire for continuous learning, elevated spirituality, enhanced ecological sensitivity, and a planetary concern. Some individuals also report increased physical sensitivity, changes in tolerance for light, alcohol, and drugs, a sense of the brain being “altered” to encompass more, and a feeling of using the “whole brain” rather than just a part. However, it’s important to note that not all after-effects are necessarily beneficial, and some may lead to psychosocial and psychospiritual challenges. Pretty interesting so far, huh?

Shamanism and Healing:

Shamanism, on the other hand, revolves around the belief that shamans act as intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans employ their abilities to mend the soul, believing that alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores balance and wholeness to the physical body. The shaman’s role extends to entering supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions for community problems. Shamans may journey to other worlds to guide lost souls and address illnesses of the human soul caused by external elements. Operating primarily within the spiritual realm, the shaman’s actions have a direct impact on the human world, resulting in the elimination of ailments through the restoration of balance. Do you astral travel? Are you already a healer?

Shamanic Initiation and Learning:

Shamans are typically “called” through dreams or signs, necessitating extensive training. In some cases, shamanic powers may be inherited. Turner and colleagues describe a shamanistic initiatory crisis, a rite of passage involving physical illness and/or psychological challenges, often serving as a pivotal moment for those destined to become shamans. The wounded healer archetype plays a crucial role in this journey, as the shaman undergoes a sickness that brings them to the brink of death. This process serves two purposes: the shaman crosses into the underworld to retrieve vital information for the sick and the tribe, and the shaman must experience sickness firsthand to understand it fully. Overcoming this personal ordeal empowers the shaman with the knowledge and ability to heal others, marking the emergence of the wounded healer.

Did you experience a nasty illness and make it through tougher and smarter for it? Perhaps you are further on your way to practicing true Shamanism than you think.

So, let’s stop relinquishing our power to charlatans and dark low vibrational illusions. Instead, let us bask in the radiance of Divine Love, knowing that we are cherished creations of the Universe.

BE the embodiment of the Divine, descended from the transcendent realms through the cosmic expanse to manifest here on Earth. Make your purpose, singular and profound, to unravel the mysteries of existence. Appear enmeshed in this human density but know the truth of your essence is far from it. Release the darkness…

Release the Darkness

In sacred whispers, I decree this night, 
To break the binds of shadows, dark and tight. 
All vows, agreements, contracts, now untwine, 
With wayward spirits, negativity malign.
Through lifetimes past and present’s fleeting hour, 
I claim my essence, wield my inner power. 
With steadfast will, I seek the truth to find, 
And bathe my soul in light, divinely aligned.
Divine alchemy, its potent magic weaves, 
Transforming darkness into golden leaves. 
From depths of night to realms of purest glow, 
I rise, embraced by light’s eternal flow.
Higher realms, where only light holds sway, 
I call upon you Lord, guide me on my way. 
With every breath, with every heartbeat’s thrum, 
Let truth and creation through my being hum.
Divine Mother, hear my earnest plea, 
Transmute these energies, set my spirit free. 
With love’s pure flame, cleanse every part, 
From discord’s grasp, release my heart.

Near-death experiences and Shamanism reveal the transformative nature of human existence. They link the spiritual and physical realms, highlighting potential for global growth, change, understanding, and healing. This journey requires courage and selflessness. Need insight into your role as a healer? Book a session!

Transformation and Healing: Exploring Near-Death Experiences and Shamanism

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