Karen Jacoby

Oct 14, 2020

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“I’ve had the flu crud six times this winter, getting an early start over Labor Day. The most recent occurrence was February 4th. I woke up feeling like a truck hit me, swollen lymph nodes in my throat, congestion in my head. I called Dawna for help, as I had a full schedule that week with zero time for another bout of flu.

She recommended two supplements from Standard Process: andrographics and echinacea. I nearly fainted when she told me the price of the echinacea. I’ve never paid that much for a supplement. But it was crucial for me to be healthy with the week I had planned, so I agreed.

The andrographics was harsh in my system, creating a burning sensation down my throat and into my sternum. The echinacea was gentler. Together these supplements from Standard Process kicked the flu crud to the curb. By the following morning, the swollen lymph nodes in my throat were either gone (left side) or greatly diminished (right side).

The fatigue cleared up and I could breathe deeply through my nose. That’s ridiculously fast and 1,000 times more effective than the two rounds of antibiotics I took back in September and October.

If only I’d connected with Dawna last fall!!!

For those of you suffering from the flu crud, I highly recommend spending the money on these supplements from Standard Process. Yes, the echinacea is expensive. But it works. And quickly. This is self-care, self-love, people. Your health is too important to skimp on.”

– Karen Jacoby

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