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I welcome you to have a peek into module 1 of 3 of my gluten-free, dairy-free baking classes. We’ll discuss all the things on how to set yourself up for gluten-free/dairy-free baking successes and wins.

Cooking with Clinical Nutrition


The turtle is the theme for this year’s healing journeys and retreats. Interested in launching yourself up to the next level with a magical journey with the Sea Turtle?

Solstice Power Up Brought to You by the Sea Turtle

sea turtle swimming underwater

Spiritual Awareness

Learn more about the various weight loss strategies and what I call my perfect 10 observations.

Which Weight Loss Strategy Is Right for You?


Life as you know it isn’t over, it’s just changing – for the better! Here are my tips for staying in your lane while being social, especially during football season.

Super Bowl Sunday Swaps

Nutrition, Recipes

What is the woo, and how you can balance out your health strategy by incorporating it.

Pairing the Woo with Your Wellness

Spiritual Awareness

What if I told you that you are coating your magnificence with a lead blanket of kryptonite and poisoning your beautiful God-given gifts?

The Gifts Are in Your Gut

Gut-Brain Connection

This time of the year can be not so merry, not so happy for some. Sometimes there are triggers that cause people great sadness and depression during the holidays. The smell in the air, the hustle and bustle of the people out and about. How about the new stress and fear around COVID and gatherings? […]

Surviving the Holidays When Mercury is in Retrograde

Spiritual Awareness

It’s time to get this new year off to a clean start! What better way than to get on board with the 21 Day Purification or maybe the 28 Day Detox Challenge.

Your Best Cleanse for 2023


Holidays can be a tough time for some people for many different reasons. Give a gift from the heart for the heart.

Healing Holiday Gift Guide


How about a new and different perspective and approach to your health and healing journey? Learn more more about my multi prong approach that encompasses Shamanism, and my birth right as a Chieftain and High Priestess to guide your healing and integration process.

Contemporary Shaman, High Priestess, and Chieftain

Spiritual Awareness

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