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Learn how I navigate with celiac disease around festive events like Cinco de Mayo! You can still have fun while treading carefully.

Let’s Talk Tequila & Nachos


My final post in my Anti-Aging series. How I manage to maintain the mental, emotional, physical, Spiritual, financial, energetic, and psychic bodies that are all needing attention and care on the daily.

Anti-Aging: Health & Lifestyle Maintenance


See how I mapped out all the components of my Anti-Aging routine that needed proper attention beyond supplements and treatments.

Anti-Aging: My Power Products


Learn how I stepped up my my self-care game and got my groove back post-COVID with a few special treatments.

Anti-Aging: Special Treatments


Here I cover diet, lifestyle and offer up some stellar products to get you started on this first and most important leg of your journey to stellar Health and well Being.

Anti-Aging: From the Inside Out


In my sessions we address all the layers to find the answers and activate healing by tapping into the highest vibrational frequency! Check out a few success stories that put the “inspired” in Inspired Living.

Tap Into Your Highest Potential

Spiritual Awareness

Which products I’ve been using to melt inches, rebuild muscles, and break the cycle of insulin resistance!

Spring into Strength with Shape


Why is it so difficult to read a food label? Processed packaged foods have labels as required by the FDA, but this doesn’t always mean they are accurate. Truth in labeling is pretty sketchy still… So, there is THAT obstacle! Ingredients Manufacturers can bury ugly ingredients under false names and categories like ‘maltodextrin’ or ‘natural […]

What Really Matters on a Food Label


Learn more about the language of your poop and what it’s telling you about your body.

Tips For Better Poops


My arsenal of tips and products to help you out of the gluten/dairy/sugar cross-contamination symptoms faster!

What to Do When You’ve Been Cross-Contaminated


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Let’s get you in my chair and get to the root cause of what’s ailing you! Now is the time for you to live your HIGHEST POTENTIAL without limitations!

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