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The VERTIGO experience is probably one of the most awful things on the planet!! If you’ve ever experienced your whole world spinning out of control to the point of vomiting, you know it’s the WORST! I’m talking worse than your college days bed spinning overindulgence in alcohol! You try to lift your head off the […]

5 Things That Helped Me Treat Vertigo


Recently I encountered an emergency tooth situation that required a root canal. I had a rear molar that developed an infection that went into my sinus cavity. Here’s the funny thing, I didn’t even know I had an infection! No sign of fever and no more fatigue than usual. I added some Andrographis Complex and […]

What I Do Herbally for Infections


Ok ladies, how many of you have a copper IUD? Have you noticed a bunch of really awful symptoms in your body like exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, hair loss, allergies, sensitivities, ADD, candida, and yeast infections…? There are so many symptoms that could all be linked back to the copper […]

Is your IUD causing copper toxicity?


As most of you know I have a complete Veterinary Line at Standard Process and may have even seen your dog, or cat as a client. Or maybe I’ve psychically located your lost pet or cleared your crazy cat. Well, now I’m happy to announce that I’ve added Horse Communicator to my resume and service […]

Introducing Equine Communication

Spiritual Awareness

The body’s inability to manage inflammatory levels is one of the biggest physical challenges modern society has right now. What’s the solution to reducing the inflammation? Let’s start with unburdening the body of its chronic immune challenges, especially that of food allergies! “Many environmental allergies that we suffer from are actually secondary allergies being driven […]

Is your inflammation causing allergies?


I’m feeling FABULOUS over 50!! Are you? It’s a job from the inside out, dedication, and attention to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies! Do the work, GET RESULTS! Here are my top nutritional tips for healthy aging: Cookware – eliminate aluminum; use glass, stainless steel, iron, corning ware Good fats for mineral absorption […]

11 Nutritional Tips for Healthy Aging


“The thyroid gland is the body’s internal thermostat, regulating the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. Hypothyroidism is caused by an underproduction of thyroid hormone.”  – Synergy Holistic Health Did you know that the symptoms could include fatigue, loss of appetite, inability to tolerate cold, […]

How’s your thyroid?


Let’s talk about supplement quality and perspective.  When you have a leftover bottle of a supplement that’s lingering in the cabinet, box, kitchen counter, or wherever it lands… What do you think when you look at it?  Do you think meh, that was uneventful?  I didn’t feel a difference, or what a waste of money.  […]

The 10 Herbs I Keep in my Medicinal Chest


As you know, people come to me for all kinds of things!  I have to say that stress is one of the biggest concerns I deal with on a day to day basis with my clients.  They will ask me, “I don’t want to come home and continue to drink alcohol, what do you have […]

More Chill Pills: 5 Herbs For Stress Management


Did you know how important the role Zinc is?  Especially when it comes to not just the coronavirus, but to any cold and flu virus? It is also great for healing, prostate, immune system weakness and disorder, optic nerve degeneration, skin (infection, acne) insulin production and much more! Zinc is an essential part of hundreds […]

Zinc & Tonic. Gin optional.


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