I’ve Cracked the Code: Underlying Conditions

Jul 3, 2023

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If it’s one thing I wish I knew before I spent the years of work and dedication to finding my manners around food, is that I had an UNDERLYING CONDITION!

In 2021, I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease and at the time I thought this was the answer, my underlying condition. But as I continued on my health journey, I discovered that the real cause was mold and mycotoxins.

They were destroying my gut lining, creating poor protein synthesis, robbing my body of estrogen and testosterone, triggering IL-6 auto immune disease. My immune system was shot, I was always inflamed, constipated, rash, hives, overweight, bad skin, hypo/hyper adrenal & thyroid, cranky and had migraines and brain fog. The list can go on and on…

Seeking Guidance

If I would have had some guidance in the beginning around dealing with this underlying condition, I would have been successful WAY sooner, but it was totally my journey. I don’t live in the land of should of, would of, could of… I am grateful that I was guided to the true healing that I needed to get my life back.

One of the biggest obstacles I faced was getting the support I needed from my Western medical doctor. The prescription medication and guidance I required were really the missing puzzle piece.

I have access to the most cutting-edge technology, and now Inspired Living has partnered with Heal-MD! Yes, a holistic conscious concierge MD and two locations to serve you better. We are in Rocklin and Folsom. Learn more how Inspired Living and Heal-MD can serve you!

Are you interested in seeing if it’s an underlying condition that’s keeping you from your Highest Potentiality and health goals? Contact me to set up your session! We can accommodate your testing and treatment. Take the first step towards better health and schedule your session today.

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Dawna Weiss, CN, PMP

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