A Prayer for Entity Clearing

Aug 11, 2020

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Ok, so how many of you have been REALLY feeling the weird energy lately? There has been such an influx of dark entity energies lobbing on to all of us! The fear and panic on the planet right now are at such an unreal magnitude, no wonder some of us have been feeling EXTRA CRAPPY! Chances are you’ve been hit with some paranormal entity and don’t even know it!

I’ve been clearing myself and many others daily and will always continue to be available for text clearings. But I want you to be able to clear yourself if you need to… So, I’d like to share with you my super simple scripted prayer that I use for clearing. I suggest committing this to your memory bank and practicing it multiple times daily for maximum benefit. I hope this helps!

Call Back Your Power

In a loud commanding voice (entities don’t just leave when you ask them to) repeat the following with intention and conviction:

“ANY ENERGY in my field, my physical body, anything sneaky, stealthy or otherwise that DOES NOT BELONG HERE, I COMMAND you to return to the Source of Light NOW!!”

Oh, and my herbal application to soothe that ANS (autonomic nervous system) and protect you against viruses is Echinacea Premium!

This should get you out of trouble and feeling better within a few hours. If not… Text me, I’m happy to help. I thought I would put this out there. Happy Clearing!!

Would you like to explore further? I invite you to schedule a personalized training session with me where we can dive deeper into the topic of your interest. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing Echinacea Premium, you can simply TEXT ME and I will arrange for it to be conveniently drop shipped to your preferred location.

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