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Aug 4, 2020

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I remember playing around with Cannabis products back when cannabis was totally TABOO. I made some really nice topical body budders, and tinctures. I happen to grow the plants from seed just to make sure it was all organic and well cared for. It’s A LOT of work to manage a cannabis garden! But I just love the feel of the energy the plant puts out.

Andrew used to work for me at Azna Gluten Free, and totally gets my vibe. Yes, I’m super snooty over the top on quality for ALL plant medicine and whole food supplements. He also introduced to me a regular mushroom product he created that offers all the mushies in one capsule! Being immune-challenged and menopause-cranky, I found his products turned my mood around in 3 days.

SoulTree CBD

SoulTree CBD drops

The CBD really helps sleep and manages pain/inflammation. I find pairing it with Boswellia Complex, Turmeric Forte, Nervagesic and/or Saligesic and Cod Liver Oil really does the trick!

SoulTree Mushies

Ok, as a medical herbalist plant medicine is my thing. I always just happen to trip onto the next big thing in plant medicines as they just call out to me like old friends! I’ve recently started micro-dosing psilocybin and let me tell you it’s a GAME CHANGER! Being in the resting bitch face part of menopause with no fucks to give, this brought my happy back in 3 days! It also boosted my immunity and helped my gut health. Working the gut while micro-dosing has really made a shift to my brain! It’s all about the GUT BRAIN AXIS!

Feel free to schedule a session with me and we can discuss your options! Let’s explore how micro-dosing and CBD can improve your well-being and bring balance to your life.

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