Introducing Equine Communication

Jun 30, 2020

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Enhance Your Bond with Your Horse through Equine Communication

As most of you know I have a complete Veterinary Line at Standard Process and may have even seen your dog, or cat as a client. Or maybe I’ve psychically located your lost pet or cleared your crazy cat. Well, now I’m happy to announce that I’ve added Horse Communicator to my resume and service menu. This is a full scope of service to the horse and owner. I specialize in balancing all areas including the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Energetic, and Psychic bodies for both. Clearing away negative energies and helping horse and rider become ONE. 

I’ll find the little nuances of your horse’s needs and desires and communicate that back to you. This will strengthen the relationship through a Higher Spiritual Connection. If there’s a clinical need for supplements for either horse and/or owner to step into their Highest Potentiality, I’ve got that! I will provide any nutritional and/or life coaching as needed as a part of my service. I’m always available for you and your horse via text.

As a medical intuitive, psychic, empath, and clinical nutritionist I’m able to hear, see, and feel the needs of all mammals, especially horses! I have healing hands and will provide touch healing for you and your horse.

The frequency at which they vibrate is High, and I will help bring you to that vibrational level with your horse. Whether it is a competitive show, high stakes race, or just a leisurely ride around the property YOUR HORSE WANTS TO CONNECT WITH YOU! I can help.

Equine Communication by Dawna Weiss

How This Works

I usually work with the horse and owner at the horse location. I will read, balance, and clear the owner first then move on to the horse. 

I will provide a video of the session as I will be channeling messages from your horse. If guidance is needed, nutritional or otherwise, I will provide that as well. I also offer a line of equine supplements.

If you’re ready to deepen your connection with your horse and experience the transformative power of equine communication, schedule a session today! Contact me to book a private appointment. Your horse is waiting to connect with you on a higher spiritual level. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together!

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