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Jul 28, 2020

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Have you noticed that there has been a bit of confusion and disappointment related directly to your love life and maybe your money flow? I follow Astrology stuff (kind of) so I can’t quote the exact Venus, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury squared retrograde verbiage, but I know there has been some tricky stuff going on astrologically with the planet’s energies lately! Some of us have really been feeling the negative pull on the heartstrings and the bank account.

I work on all aspects of SELF in my healing sessions. It’s funny how a simple act of self-love can unblock and unlock your love attraction, and your prosperity! We are navigating through some very weird times right now! Especially for those people not knowing if they will be going back to work, if the kids will be going back to school, etc.

My power advice to you all about this is to lean into it with Grace, be ready for anything, and DO NOT block your prosperity by freaking out! We can get into a panic about money and ‘what if’s’. Live in abundance. Be in abundance. BE LOVE. Doing this will attract the same back to you!

So I subscribe to Madeline Gerwick’s Good Timing Guide. It’s like the Farmer’s Almanac for business. I was reading her newsletter this morning and I love her prosperity tips! And today’s tip especially hit home with me.

I had a kind friend extend a service to me 8-9 years ago for some car repairs. I was a single mom and could not afford to repair my car. They took care of it for me and said pay us when you can.

Well, I never forgot about that kindness, and I’ve intended to pay it back the whole time! So today I made a conscious decision to pull from savings and go pay Ben! (For the record I’ve been a bit hoarderish with my savings since March) I even stopped along the way to pick up a special treat for him ($40 cost) and wrote the check out for $3000.

Granted I have HUGE expenses right now! Economic uncertainty, blah blah blah! But what I heard today was to get released from this old debt no matter what and prosperity will flow my way. So if you owe someone money, pay it back! If you owe credit cards (which we all do) work out your repayment strategy! Abundance follows energy.

If you’re feeling the effects of the challenging times we’re navigating through, remember to lean into grace and abundance. Unblock your prosperity by embracing self-love and being open to unexpected opportunities. If you need guidance and support on your journey toward love, abundance, wealth, and prosperity, I invite you to schedule a healing session with me. Together, we can unlock your true potential and attract positive energy into your life. Don’t wait, take the first step towards a brighter future today! Stay blessed and keep spreading the good juju!

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