Surviving the Holidays When Mercury is in Retrograde

Dec 21, 2022

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This time of the year can be not so merry, not so happy for some. Sometimes there are triggers that cause people great sadness and depression during the holidays. The smell in the air, the hustle and bustle of the people out and about. How about the new stress and fear around COVID and gatherings? What about the energy around this Mercury Retrograde? (Dec 12th – 28th and the shadow period lasting until Jan 18th) Are you joyful or are you triggered?

Taking Ownership of MY Stuff

I want to say I started to see it for myself in October. The big ‘things’ that were coming up for me in November that I was slightly freaking out about. So many big things had to happen this November, and there was just no way around it except through it! I was totally supported by my Angels and Guides and had wonderful affirmations from them every single time I would slightly slip into a negative, non-deserving, or fear-based thought around these events. For me, what surfaced were all financial big-ticket items that were mine. All me. Mine alone. I had to do it, I had to realize that I was worth it, I had to be okay with fixing myself. Instead of freaking all the way out, I re-directed my perspective around it… I thanked God for the resources and ability to walk through these very important things that were for me. Yes, me, mine… ARGH! I HATE that ‘me’, ‘my’, mine’ shit! And THAT was the lesson that came up for my housekeeping items, I have to take care of me first, and it was ok!

Ah! I thought I was already doing that, but not really. I have always put everyone else up in front and ahead of me, and this was my reminder to be okay with taking care of me too. At a higher level. Not just the little surface stuff I do for myself… But to REALLY dig deep and do some deep housekeeping and alignment and do it right.

Tools For Success

I was reminded that Divine Source is in charge here, and I don’t get to decide how much is enough self-love in some of these other areas is enough. Here are some of the tools I used to make it through, I hope they help you too.

  • Change your perspective… Instead of freaking out, have gratitude.
  • Become an observer of the chaos and don’t participate.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I want?” It’s okay to check in with yourself and actually be a part of something you want to be a part of and to say no to something you do not.
  • Surrender. You are not in charge of the bigger plan.
  • If there is Ease, Grace, and Synchronicity then you are probably doing the right thing. Too much resistance? Back up and have a deeper look at the situation.

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a trigger, just lean into it, and know that things are going to move a little slower. Electronics, lines, traffic, projects at work… Breathe when you get presented with any of the annoyances and know that this too shall pass.

And remember eating your feelings NEVER solves the problem. 😉

No matter if you are triggered or not, this holiday season brings with it a special kind of stress around a personal cleansing opportunity, and we ALL feel it! We all handle it the best we can as we move through this auspicious time for personal growth and change, but the holidays on top of it all add a special kind of extra! Need help navigating the house cleaning opportunity and getting on to your higher path? Get your session on the books today! 📲 (916) 761-8431

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