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Apr 6, 2021

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Woo Woo: unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. “some kind of metaphysical woo-woo”

Yes of course we need to pay attention to all the conventional health issues too, but what about the WOO!?

Sometimes I feel we can get way too distracted over the ‘health stuff’ and totally ignore the energetic elephant in the room! And what if I told you health issues and the Woo are on a collision course?! More and more people are beginning to wake up and realize that a lacking Spiritual system will actually cause a decline in health.

There is no ‘science’ that says that your poverty consciousness and poor decision-making is linked to your gut… Until NOW! The gut microbiome is the most important starting point for all things, ESPECIALLY the Woo! You have to be able to trust that gut feeling!

Upcoming Program

Calling all Gifted Healers, Empaths, Psychics, and Higher Vibrational Souls! How many times have I been approached by stellar healers that are really digging deep to help others on their journey here, only to lose their asses in business because of not having a good structure with strong boundaries? Being too afraid to get paid for their services, and feeling too much poverty consciousness to bring in abundance? 

Well, I’ll tell you often enough for me to create an affordable training program just for them (you)! We are the Pioneers! We are the ones that will help this planet transition through this difficult healing time. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming training program with complete instructions and resources on how to be successful in your Clinical/Professional ‘Woo Type’ practice/business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a real estate agent, nurse, acupuncturist, or freelance daisy picker and butterfly chaser, get in touch with your Woo! We all have Intuitive gifts, why not learn to tap into that skill set and be on the cutting edge of spectacular and REMARKABLE in whatever it is that you do?!

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Dawna Weiss, CN, PMP

Founded by clinical nutritionist, body-talk practitioner, and herbalist, Dawna Rider-Weiss, Inspired Living aligns your mind, body, and soul by delivering a scientific, clinical approach to food and herbs with an ancient but modern process for applying spiritual practices in everyday life. Schedule a session with Dawna by texting (916) 761-8431.

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