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Spring Cleaning Weight Loss

Mar 30, 2021

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Who hasn’t noticed the sun shining outside and the hint of Spring in the air? Have you also noticed during the shelter in place for the last year that you have piles of shit accumulating all over your house?! Yeah, I noticed that too.

For those of you OCD cleaners out there who scrubbed every inch of their houses during the lockdown, you can stop reading. I’m calling out all of the messy hoarders and clutter creatures! How much crap do you have lying around that you aren’t using or have even touched in 2 years?! Did you know this can cause weight gain? Taking time to clear the clutter will move energy in your life! It will unstick what’s stuck in your finances as well as your body. Let’s get cleaning! 

Now, I want you to also take a good hard look at your body and the habits you got into with the shelter in place. No gym. The pandemic keeping you inside and paralyzed with fear? Did boredom creep in and bring snacks with it? Have you been hit with the Covid 15? All a reality for some of us, now how to break the cycle? Start moving! Get out of your home and walk if your gym is still closed.

Start looking at your caloric intake and the food choices you’ve made over the past year. If you need help, I’m your person!

Don’t forget to take that emotional inventory as well… Is there a person in your life that is draining you? Are you under psychic attack and constantly feel tired? Chances are you need a massive energy clearing!

Contact me for your appointment and let’s get you cleaned up!

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