10 Ways You Can Heal Your Body

Jul 12, 2021

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Let food be thy medicine… Yes, you will hear me preach this over and over, and sorry not sorry! Diet and gut health are always at the top of my list, but what do you do when you have that all figured out and now you want to go about healing the damage? All those years of eating all the bad things and the consequences it has had on your body? The sore back, swollen joints, bad skin, swollen distended abdomen, constipation, diarrhea, continued food allergies, and autoimmune disease. Something’s got to give!

What are the top 10 things that need to be addressed when you are serious about healing your body? I mean really serious, no more yo-yo dieting, no more debilitating symptoms, and autoimmune disease!

01. Fix the diet and heal the gut

Disease cannot live in alkaline environment. You need to acidify the gut, balance the pH and stop assaulting your body with the wrong foods. This is always going to be #1. Stop the inflammatory antagonists in their tracks! Once you stop the assault on your body, you can now move into healing.

02. Chiropractic Care

The musculoskeletal system must be in alignment if you really plan to live a long healthy life. If your cervical spine is out of alignment, you will always struggle with maintaining good health. Allergies will always be a problem and pain will plague you. Good chiropractic care is crucial to heal!

03. Massage Therapy

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons must hold the musculoskeletal system in place, and keep you moving. Who doesn’t love a great massage? I’m telling you it’s necessary so there you go! 😉 You have permission!

04. Acupuncture

I know the thought of needles scare the crap out of some people, myself included. But I’m telling you the tiny needles they use in acupuncture DON’T HURT! It’s probably one of the most delicious ways to relax and reset the body!

05. Sleep

Make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily! The body needs to heal and regenerate!

06. Hydration

You need good hydration and proper lymph system function to get toxins out and to support cellular integrity.

07. Exercise

MOVE YOUR ASS! Your body movement will improve your sleep, mood, and heart health. Your lymph system will thank you!

08. Hormones

Where are you at in life? We all have hormonal ups and downs, and this is such an important aspect to your overall well-being. Regardless if you are a man, woman, teenager, menopausal, premenstrual or surgically altered. Hormones are a BIG DEAL!

09. Lifestyle

How do you live? Are you happy and walking in daily gratitude? Or are you negative and pissed about everything?! Do you eat clean and meal plan or do you eat crappy? Do you drink too much, sit on the couch all day? Or are you up and go about your day with a plan, with purpose?

10. Colon Hydrotherapy

Everyone needs a colon cleanse! Get that crap from 1972 out of your body! Often done seasonally to refresh and reset your colon. Nothing is better than a great poop! 💩

I’m here to tell you that just cleaning up your diet is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve stopped the inflammatory antagonists from entering again, but now you have to clean house! Everyone has different damage and needs personalized direction and healing protocol; I can help you with that!

Need help figuring out where to go, what to do next to repair the damage? Contact me for an appointment and I’ll be happy to be your Wellness Director. 📲 (916) 761-8431⁣

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