What to Do When You’ve Been Cross-Contaminated

Mar 1, 2022

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Navigating your life with special dietary needs and/or wants is a tough gig. It’s a very delicate balance between doing all the things in life around food and staying on plan. We want to go to the events, eat the pizza, drink the beer, have the sweets, etc. but then we feel like crap because we’ve been cross-contaminated. So then maybe we low-key throw a tantrum and feel like we can’t eat ANYTHING at all!

Finding the bridge to the forbidden side is really the key. You can still go out and do the things, just stay in your lane. Practice good communication skills with your server, make eye contact, and pay attention to what comes out when your food finally arrives to avoid getting cross-contaminated. You can always ask for gluten-free/dairy-free options if they are not already marked on the menu. Most places these days are very clearly marked, and most servers are very knowledgeable about your needs. You just need to ask.

Tips to Avoid Getting Cross-Contaminated

  • Don’t eat fried foods unless they have a dedicated fryer for gluten-free items
  • Don’t order the dessert. It’s a sugar trap!
  • Order oil/balsamic vinegar dressing or use lemon wedges on your salads
  • Ask your server to provide an ingredient list for your gluten-free pizza crust. Ask about the oven and utensils they use to cook and make the pizza.
  • Don’t eat pre-packaged dressings or condiments as they usually have MSG
  • Know about alcohol choices, not all hard alcohols are gluten-free. Google your choice before you drink!
  • Ask if they have gluten-free beer. Hard cider is an option too.
  • ASK your server for the gluten-free menu and have them hold the dairy products.

Here are some of my go-to items to get out of trouble:

Get out of the gluten belly phase faster with Zypan, Colax, Cod Liver Oil, Multizyme, Enzycore, SP Complete Dairy Free (dirt shake), TSA Gut Absorb, and TSA Relief.

Stop the sugar cravings and deal with your diabetes, pre-diabetes, and insulin resistance with: Gymnema and TSA Syndro-X, HHDan, and MyHeart.

You may only need one, all, or some of them! Some are supplements and some are actual treatments. You can contact me, and I’m happy to muscle test your best formula for you.

If you’re struggling with cross-contamination, or symptoms that are super strong and you just can’t shake off, contact me! Sometimes a fresh set of eyes looking at your daily behaviors can find a hidden element you didn’t even know was contaminating you. Let’s work together and get you back on track.

what to do when you've been cross-contaminated

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