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Jan 29, 2024

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What if you had the information and the power to seize the influence over the aging process? What if you could actually see inside of yourself and make the necessary changes to ward genetic issues off at the pass?

Life’s blueprint, embedded in our DNA, remains unalterable. Our genetic code is established at birth, impervious to any lifestyle or environmental influences we encounter throughout our lifetime.

This inherent genetic makeup means that some individuals are naturally more predisposed to accelerated aging. Navigating the unchangeable nature of our genetics is akin to receiving a specific hand in a card game.

Despite being unable to alter the cards themselves, you hold the reins in determining how they are played!

Epigenetics, simplified as the molecules that either mute or accentuate specific segments of your genes, experiences profound effects from lifestyle choices such as diet, physical activity, stress, environmental exposures, and more. The most direct route to manipulating DNA expression lies in altering your epigenetics.

Introducing TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing

I now offer cutting edge testing options for your epigenetic biomarkers and telomeres via TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing. Find out how old you are biologically vs your calendar year. See the results of the effort you’ve put into your healing journey.

Using epigenetic testing to gauge milestones on my healing path was such a validation for me! Finding out that my telomere length has my biological age at 38.8 was a pleasant surprise! I’m actually 56 and feel about 40, so it’s pretty dang accurate!

Regardless of if you choose to test first then approach a custom treatment option, or test later… It’s available for you now. Contact me to get on my schedule, let’s find out how old you REALLY are!

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