Understanding the Rules of Your Life Path

Dec 21, 2021

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Let’s talk about that little voice that is inside of you that sometimes has your back, and other times wants you to self-sabotage all the things. Your little voice could be superbugs, underlying infections, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, and/or virus! That viral voice can get you into TROUBLE! You know the sugar cravings, the reach for alcohol or even sex, porn, or shopping! It can create an addictive trait that you KNOW doesn’t belong to you. You question yourself every time you do the thing that you did that you know you shouldn’t have done! Dang it!!

Well, I had that voice, and yes, I self-sabotaged EVERYTHING all the time! But here’s what kept me on my right path. A structure of Spiritual Rules that kept me in my lane as I worked through (and am still working through) superbugs and mycotoxins. (Celiac disease complicating all matters of course) But I’m here to tell you regardless of what is complicating whatever, fix your gut and fix that damn voice in your head! I still rigorously and honestly stick to my tenants. The obvious ones like don’t lie, steal or cheat are not on this list because they are (to me anyway) OBVIOUS! But here are some of my bonus points:

Spiritual Rules

  1. Highest Potentiality – Always operate from the Highest Intention and Potentiality! Don’t do things ½ assed or with minimal effort. Always try your best!
  2. Give – To give something doesn’t always mean money. Sure, you can donate cash, but what about your time? Grace, Forgiveness, Gratitude, (not attitude) even advice if it’s asked for. Think about what you can offer others. Sometimes just a smile is all it takes.
  3. Action/Consequence – Ok this is super simple and a no-brainer for most. If you perform a positive/negative action, you will have a positive/negative consequence! Common sense plays a part here.
  4. Path of Least Resistance – Have you ever tried SO HARD to make something happen?! We all have! Be in the Divine Flow, DON’T FORCE SHIT! If it’s really giving you trouble to make it happen, drop it and back away for a moment. Look at it again with fresh eyes in a day or two. Pray for Guidance.
  5. Common Sense – Some of us have this superpower, some of us don’t. But always take a moment to look at the simple most obvious things and then decide.
  6. Humility – No one likes a smart ass my grandma always said! Be humble, lose the ego and look at your part. Own your part and apologize if you need to. You may see something or know something that you really want to share with someone that could harm them. Don’t! If they ask you, then it’s ok to gently share with them. Remember the no ask no tell rule!
  7. Detach from Outcome and Expectations – Don’t be entitled! If you do something for someone, count that in as a win for #2 on this list. Don’t give so you can get something in return, poor intentions like that will come back to bite you in the ass.
  8. Do No Harm.

What is twisting and turning, keeping you in a battle of not getting to where you want to be? No matter the situation that troubles you, every day is a learning experience for us to grow and excel. Rather it be your love life, career path, health, finances, or family dynamic, let’s get some clarity!

If you are needing some guidance around these Spiritual Rules and that viral voice, I would love to help you get your life back on track. Let’s make sure you are on the correct Blueprint and getting to your destination with as minimal detours as possible.

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