Dealing with Holiday Sadness

Dec 13, 2021

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The holiday season used to hold a very special kind of sadness for me. It always seemed something horrible would happen in November! The loss of love, the loss of a beloved pet, the loss of all joy. I remember the smell of fall in the air would trigger me to a point of deep sadness and depression. I wouldn’t start to snap out of it until the cherry blossoms would begin to blow off the trees in the Spring.

There it was every season that deep sadness and despair… until I decided to re-program it into JOY!

Feel the Feels

No one ever died from having a feeling, and we avoid feelings at all costs, don’t we?

When is the last time you had an ugly cry? Finding the source of the trigger and healing it is what had to be done. Once I did that exercise, had the ugly cry and reprogrammed the memories during the season to be one of joy and bliss and I’ve never looked back.

Once you can FEEL the happiness, joy, and bliss your life will then start to reflect the success! It may take a few months, even years to get there but that is OK. Do the work, it’s worth it!

Supporting Supplements

During the healing process I have used some really fantastic products!  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Nevaton Forte – NOT just for my State workers who want to cut people with sharp objects on the job all day!  Nevaton really brings a sense of calm to the anxieties in your day-to-day life.  It does this without making you sleepy or unmotivated.
  • B6-Niacinamide – Did you know most people with mental health issues are deficient in vitamin B3 & B6?  Now doing the work to make sure your gut is actually extracting and absorbing the nutrients is key!  This product has been so helpful to raise those depleted stores back up to feeling stable.
  • SoulTree Mushies – Mushrooms are remarkable! Contact me for more info on micro-dosing!
  • Zypan – You must digest that ball of what the hell ever is stuck in your gut! Is it emotional baggage, or old nasty proteins? HCL is necessary to break it all down.

Success and happiness require: Surrender and acceptance to gain freedom. To get to a place of surrender, acceptance, and freedom, that will require the death of the false self (ego). Learning to lean into the gravity of the unknown, owning your crap (be it awful or good) takes some practice. Sometimes we just need to release and reprogram what makes us sad.

Need guidance? I can help. Schedule your session today! Let’s begin living life inspired!

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